KingRoot App Latest Version For Android 2021

Are you looking for the latest version of KingRoot for the Andriod phone? If yes, kudos, you have come across at the right place. You will get a guide root your phone as well.

On the other hand, if you know how to perform all the steps and are aware of the risk, grab the latest version application from the following section to start the procedure.

In ancient times (would say for the last 8~9 years), the method to root any android phone is to get this robust app and apply it to open the custom ROM in the system.

In this way, the rooting process takes place. However, as time has evolved numerous things have to modify according to the market trend, but the application is the same.

You can attain exciting rooting privileges with just one click, and there’s nothing that you can change. You can try out different and unique things while holding the power.

Not only will you obtain the administrative privileges that allow you to take control of the system. But also receive tons of custom ROMs options to boost the performance.

Apart from the customization and modification in the system settings, you can still do tons of things, but you need to be aware of the flaws since they will pock you later on.

But if you want to attain root access, you can KingRoot app or software to unlock the system partition, so let’s understand what this app is and what it does to the phone!

What is kingroot?

The application is the industry-leading rooting software figure that empowers users to attain fascinating root access without any hassle, all with a few clicks here and there.

With this software, you can receive root privileges on any android device swiftly and precisely to the point. Generally, these apps command to unlock the system partition.

Unlike Magisk, where everything happens in the boot partition here, you will attain the super user’s features by changing the core system files to get the feast of new traits.

Now the question arises does it necessary to root from this app. And the answer for that you didn’t have to use custom recovery nor require to unlock the bootloader.

All you need is the setup of this app, and you can conveniently unlock the gateway of immersive customization, performance enhancement, and more things available.

Whether you want to change the interface layout or look for new UI settings, you can get it after rooting your phone, so let’s have quick chat about the primary features.


Remove Bloatware

Bloatware and Adwares are the most annoying things that usual users face on their devices. With the immersive root privileges, you can throw away those useless apps.

Better Battery life

The rooted phone allows the users to attain next-level processing power and provides impressive traits that will enhance the battery endurance into several folds precisely.

One-Click Root

With this apk, you can directly reach decent customization features set with just one click, and you do not have to install TWRP custom recovery or unlock the bootloader.

Create advanced backup

The rooting privileges unhitch the administer setting that allows to modify the system settings and retrieve the files and data via the root apps and advanced backup traits.

Download KingRoot App 5.4.0 For Android 2021

Are you bored with the old-fashioned and repetitive customization features? Or do you feel like you want the latest Android setup? Well, we are here to help by rendering excellent rooting privileges. With those fascinating features, you can perform tons of unique things. So what are you waiting for? Get the latest version from below!

Software NameKingRoot App
Release DateJune 6, 2019
File Size20.5 MB

How to Root Android phone using KingRoot App

Disclaimer: Rooting your device comes with specific drawbacks that include warranty violation, bricking risk, bootloop, many more. It’s our duty for the reader to be aware of disadvantage rooting and also recommended to take backup in case something goes wrong. The Magisk Update is not responsible for anything root phone on your risk!

Note: During the process, you should not turn off the device and make sure the phone is charged up to 50% since if you didn’t do that, bootloop or brick appear later on.

  • First and foremost, grab the latest version of the KingRoot apk, download that.
  • Once the download process end, and when you tap on the app, a system pop up message will arrive, which will ask to allow install from an unknown source.
  • Allow it to continue, and everything is completed and entered into this apk.
  • Next, tap on the “try it” and “get now” to launch the process of getting root.

Once the process ends, you are ready to unlock the root access. Firstly, install the root checker app to check the root status. If everything works out, you will gain privileges.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- Why KingRoot fail to root?

Ans. There is a chance that KingRoot does not support the phone version, while there could be a reason that the makers insert security barriers to interfere with the system.

Q- will It delete my data?

Ans. If you are using the KingRoot app, you may not lose precious data. But the same thing can’t be said for the PC choice as it will wipe out all internal data.

Q- Which version is best?

Ans. As a thumb rule, getting the latest version of the app is an excellent choice. But if you are using an older Android OS, it’s for better compatibility to use an old version.

Q- Can it root android 11?

Ans. You can root android 11 OS with the KingRoot, and with the one-tap solution, you can quickly get root access without any requirement to flash a custom recovery.

Q- Is KingRoot a safe app?

Ans. The KingRoot offers a success rate of 98.07% to root android phones, but if you fail to root, the worst-case scenario would be that you will lose the warranty or brick.

Last thoughts:

That’s all you require to understand before applying root on any Android phone, and now you start your endless journey of customization and boost system settings too.

Yet if you’re facing any issue in the process and may not be able to attain root access, recommended to try out the Magisk, while for further doubt, meet us in the comment.


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