Samsung FRP Tool For Windows Latest Version

Are you looking for a method to get access your Samsung device without entering the Google account details? You will need the Samsung FRP tool to bypass the account.

If you already know the method to unlock the phone and are thoroughly aware of the bypass process, grab the latest version of this tool from the following section exactly.

Worry not if you are a newbie and didn’t know anything about this tool. The first thing you need to understand is the FRP (Factory Reset Protection) protocol to get started.

The FRP protocol is applied by Google, and it’s applicable for every android device, which works like a security feature that disallows someone to delete a Gmail account.

Like other brands, Samsung also allows these settings. So that if someone stole your phone, they would not be able to unlock the FRP lock unless they have the password.

As from history, this feature appears first in the Android Lolipop and can also be seen in the recent Android OS update, while the Samsung FRP tool will help in unlocking.

But there could be reasons why—maybe you want to the factory reset protection lock, or maybe you have forgotten your password. You purchased a second-hand device.

Cheer up with the latter guide as you will unlock the Samsung device, but before that, let’s grasp a bit of knowledge about the unlocking tool that would be a mindful choice.

What is Samsung FRP Tool?

As mentioned earlier, factor reset protection is one of the vital features that does not allow other people to apply factor reset or flash new firmware on the user’s handset.

This tool is primarily intended for the Samsung device users whose FRP is locked plus they can’t enter into the system without knowing the Google account verification code.

In that situation, it’s become essential to remember the passcode or unlock the device from the authentic service center, but you can also perform that task through this tool.

And for that, all you need is computer support while bypassing the FRP lock status will soon be worn out, and the FRP lock is origin from the Android 5.1 update onward.

To put it simply, you didn’t need any decent skill, or you even a newbie, to unlock the device, all you need is the flashable tool zip file, and you are ready to fix the problem.

Now that you have understood the basic concept for this tool and its workings. Thus, let’s have a glance over the core features that make the Samsung FRP tool so unique.


Bypass Google

This tool is precisely built to eliminate the FRP lock and bypass the Google account verification that, in the end, allows you to enter the device without any password.

100% Free

Several alternative options charge money to provide the activation key. Most of them are scams. However, FRP Tool works without any hidden random charges or fees.

Secure to Use

The tool was thoroughly checked, plus we have run several tests on it and didn’t find any issues. Besides, the security barriers layering protect the device from malware.

Single Check usage

Unlike other boring options, you didn’t need to worry about the activations key, nor did you have to follow a lengthy process with a few taps here and there. Everything will do.

Download Samsung FRP Tool For Windows 2021

Software NameSamsung FRP Tool
Last UpdatedNovember 19, 2021
File Size12.67 MB

How to Bypass Factory Reset Protection

Disclaimer: There are various reasons for you to unlock the FRP. If your device is facing a bootloop issue, the Samsung FRP Tool won’t help here. Besides, Magisk Update is not responsible for any device’s damage, so read the method precisely.

Step 1 – Installing and Setting up the tool

  • Start with grabbing the latest version of the easy Samsung FRP toolkit.
  • Go to the Download section, and extract the zip file from the same folder.
  • Next, you have to check whether the file is extracted or not and launch it.
  • Once you open the software, tap on the Disabled Drivers Signatures showing the left part of the app. After the process end, reboot the computer OS firstly.

Step 2 – Interlink the PC and Device

  • Connect your device with the Wifi or Mobile data of the other smartphone. Interlink the computer with the USB cable and connect the port to the phone.
  • Make sure that you have disabled the Antivirus software or Windows defender.
  • Check the connection is set to use or not and tap on the Bypass FRP button.
  • Next, the process will start, and once it finishes, the Install this driver software anyway option will appear on the computer screen, click on that to continue.

Note: If somehow the process ends up as Failed, you have put the computer into the safe mode, and then once again try to bypass the FRP locker in a hassle-free way.

Step 3 – Set up a PIN and Google Account

  • Inside the phone screen, the google browser screen appears, head to home.
  • Next, you have to add new google account details (You can not skip this step).
  • Set face ID, PIN, pattern, fingerprint scanner, or utilize the combination of all.
  • Now, restart the Samsung device and disconnect the cable from the computer.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- How to install Samsung FRP unlock tool?

Ans. You require the computer setup from average Windows 7 OS to Windows 11 OS, anything when this range would be great, and pick the FRP to unlock tool from here.

Q- How to use Samsung FRP unlock tool?

Ans. Download the latest version from this post and extract the zip file through 7zip; connect the device to the computer via USB cable. Tap on the Bypass FRP to start.

Q- Is the Samsung FRP tool safe?

Ans. Yes, the FRP unlock tool is 99% secure, and you didn’t worry about anything as our team has thoroughly checked every corner of the app before publishing this post.

Q- Does Samsung FRP tool fix bootloop?

Ans. The exact solution would be the Odin flash tool that will quickly fix the bootloop problem, while the FRP unlock tool will only remove the Google account verification.

Q- How do I access my FRP-locked phone settings?

Ans. The FRP-locked setting is attainable once you factory reset the device. For that, you need to head toward the System icon→Backup & Reset→Factory Data Reset.

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