How to Fix iMessage Waiting for Activation Error

Are you facing any problem in the iMessage waiting for activation error over iPhone, iPad, iPod View? You can fix it with our dedicated guide, so ensure to stick till the end.

When you create an Apple ID account on any iOS device, you will obtain free services like iMessage and Facetime access. These apps allow you to message and video call without charging any fee or cellphone plans required.

To use those apps, all you require is an internet connection to start a conversation with your friends and family. But before getting started, you will require to activate both apps. Usually, it doesn’t take much time, and everything start to work.

The Waiting for activation message will appear for a day, but eventually, everything gets fixed. But even after one day, if you didn’t notice any progress, you can apply the following solution to solve the issue without any further delay.

How to fix the Waiting for activation message

If you are facing the Waiting for activation message on your iOS devices, worry not, the following step-by-step guide to fix the problem from its core.

Check Apple’s server status page

Apple has special severs to check Apple ecosystem apps status. You can see whether FaceTime and iMessage are working in the proper manner or not. To do so, you need to access the system status, if the green dot shows in front of app, everything is good.

But if you are witnessing a yellow or red dot, there’s a high probability that servers are running low. In that case, wait till the severs get back live.

Ensure that you’re connected to the internet

The iMessage and FaceTime services use internet connection to run smoothly, unlike the SMS and call present on your mobile phone. Thus, having a speedy connection is necessary to run those apps without any problem.

But still, if the iMessage shows the waiting for activation error, then check if you have too many tabs open in Safari. Remove the unnecessary tabs to get the best results. Yet, you still didn’t see any changes, we recommend you reset the Network settings.

If you reset WiFi and Network settings, you will lose the Wi-Fi password information too. So, make sure to note down the password to avoid hassle later on.

Refresh your connections to iMessage and FaceTime

With this process, you will refresh the internet connectivity, by blocking the apps once and reactivating the settings. So, let’s see how to do that!

  • First of all, access the Settings app and tap on the Message.
  • Turn off the iMessage toggle and come back to the settings menu.
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  • Now, disable the FaceTime app toggle too.
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  • Following this, you have to reboot your device.
  • Finally, enable both of the toggles to see the changes.

In some cases, your iOS device wasn’t able to refresh the connections in iMessage and FaceTime, then we recommend you to jump to the next solution.

Sign out of your Apple ID account

If the screen is still displaying the waiting for activation error even after refreshing the apps setting, you can try to sign out from the Apple ID account. Let’s see how to do it.

  • Open the Settings App and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Tap on the Sign Out button, and following that, enter the password.
  • Once the process end, you have to reboot the device.
  • Now, go to the Settings App and click on the Sign-in button.
  • Add your account credential to access other features.

Check that your time and date are correct

Suppose, you have messed up the Timezone settings. In that situation, the system servers would not work precisely. So, let’s fix the time and date configuration.

  • First and foremost, enter into the Settings App
  • Next, you have to press on the General options
  • Click on the Time and date option present in the list.
  • Inside the Timezone, enable Set Automatically toggle.
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Ultimately, reboot the phone and check if the apps are showing the error or not. If everything is done properly, you have fixed the waiting for activation problem.

Update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Sometimes, the older version of iOS bugs problem starts to appear. In that situation, you can apply the latest update to obtain the best optimization experience.

  • As the thumb rule, head toward the Settings Apps
  • Then, go to the General section and Software Update.
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  • Click on download and install to update to the latest settings.

Note: In some cases, the screen will show only Install options. So, simply click on it.

Factory reset your device

Before starting the factory reset, make sure you have taken complete backup on the iCloud. To do so, Settings → Account → iCloud → Backup Now.

  • Firstly, sign out from your Apple ID.
  • Move to the homepage Settings app
  • Click on the General and Scroll down to the Reset
  • Now, tap on the Erase all content and settings
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  • Enter the passcode and tap on Erase.
  • Once the process end, the phone restart as new.

Contact Apple Support

Even after testing every trick, if you didn’t notice any specific changes in the waiting for activation issue, you can try to contact the Apple support team. Or you can download the Apple Support app to solve the problem in the best manner possible.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I activate iMessage on my iPad?

Ans. There’s a slim possibility that your iOS device might have some bug issue and due to this, your iMessage app may not be working properly. So, let’s see how to activate it.
1. Enter into the Settings App
2. Press on the Message option
3. Enable the iMessage toggle

How do I fix my iMessage activation error?

Ans. When you open the iMessage and see waiting for activation error, you can refresh the app settings to fix this problem. To do so, follow the steps.
1. Go to the Settings → Message
2. Turn off iMessage toggle
3. Reboot your phone
4. Renable iMessage toggle

How do I force iMessage to activate?

Ans. Toggle on and off can force iMessage and Facetime to activate properly. With this, the system status of both apps will reboot and solve the problem.

Why won’t my Messages send as iMessage?

Ans. If you didn’t enable the various messaging options to be turned on, then it might cause some trouble sending messages through iMessage, so enable it.

Why am I not getting Messages on my iPad from my iPhone?

Ans. Probably, you might not have synced both of your devices precisely. Thus, make sure to verify your Apple ID account from the message settings.

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