How to Root Realme C12 Under 10 Minutes

Hello friends, are you searching for Root Realme C12 using magisk? If yes, then you are at the right place.

The initialisation of rooting process has always been different for each smartphone, and getting the right tools is the critical factor that decides whether you can receive stunning assets. So, let first head toward the specs to get the apt tools.

Are you excited about a quick look at the specification of the smartphone? Hope! You enjoy.

This smartphone launch in the Indian market on 24th August 2020. Talking about camera sensor 13MP + 2MP + 2MP triple primary camera setup. Realme C12 powered by MediaTek Helio G35 processor with 3GB Ram and 32GB storage. The smartphone was coming with 6.52 inches (16.56 cm) 60 Hz Refresh Rate, IPS LCD. We are moving the battery performance 6000 mAh with Micro-USB Port. Before starting the guide. Let’s understand what is rooting?

What is Root?

Root means you merely added a bunch of code to your system. As a grants key to unlocking all the core software, which was initially blocked by manufacturers.

The same goes for iOS users, Jailbreak in which users get the additional setting and configuration. Just like the android root structure.

We all know, there are two sides to everything that defines who they are. So, we have discussed the pros and cons below, follow the article to more techy knowledge.

Here are some Points to Remember while Rooting

  • Ensure your smartphone bootloader has unlocked. You can also follow our guide to unlocking the bootloader on any Realme phones
  • Take a serious note that you have already been fully backup your handset. You can also use backup apps such as titanium to restore all data
  • Get the latest USB driver to run commands lines and Fastbooting the phone. You can also learn from our guide on how to setup an ADB driver

Pros of Root Realme C12

Gain amazing Privilege’s

Tweaking with system files becomes relatively easy after getting those tremendously fascinating rooting privileges. Plus, you can customize the interface to the next level.

Extend processing speed

To increase performance, you will need the overclocking software, which can be used to enhance the processor’s clocking speed and expand the phone’s working ability.

Cons of Root Realme C12

Battery drain faster

Overwhelming power not to sustain at some point since a rooted phone has free will to run apps behind the scene; it’s become standard that the battery may drain faster.

Malicious virus entry

Privileges grant vast possibilities to get impressive customization tweaks. But on the downside, it also paves the way for viruses and malware in the system partition.

Important Note: magisk update is not responsible for any kind of damage to smartphone; try with your own risk and download the same firmware that’s running on your operating system.

Create A Patched Boot File Using Magisk

  1. Extract the firmware files with 7zip or any other unzipper
  2. You will get some data along with the boot file and vmbeta
  3. Only copy the boot.img and transfer your internal storage
  4. Download and Install the latest magisk manager app
  5. Open magisk manager then tap on Install → Install → Select and Patch a file. Select the boot file you will transfer earlier
Magisk Update
  1. Once the boot image has successfully patched, copy magisk_patched.img file then move into your computer

Flash Patched Boot File Using Platform Tools

  1. First of all, download the latest Platform Tools and extract it
Magisk Update
  1. Before connecting your phone to the computer, open developer mode and enable the USB debugging setting
  2. Boot into fastboot mode, you have to press the volume up, and power button don’t release keys until open fastboot mode
  3. Now, Open Platform tools and write in the search box “cmd” then press enter
Magisk Update
  1. Connect your smartphone with the computer using data cable and type the command below screenshot then drag and drop your vbmeta file
Magisk Update
  1. Type the command “fastboot flash boot” then drag and drop you patched file and enjoy magisk manager


When you are rooting a smartphone, you improve the system partition, but magisk furnishes a simple way to receive exceptional features due to additional abilities.

Anyway, this article’s process coverup one of the easiest ways from which getting rooting configuration will become possible. Nevertheless, getting difficulty might be expected, So please comment on your case. Till then, Have a Happy Rooting!

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