How to Fix the Default Gateway is not available Windows 10

Our priority is using the internet while employing a PC clubbed with windows 10. But do you know how to fix the default gateway is not available windows 10?

It’s one of the most complex errors most have seen while surfing online, a network barrier between techies and the internet. However, we won’t mark this error as a complicated resolution, as we’ve already gone through it and fixed it conveniently.

Are you also running through the exact situation and want proper guidance to kill this error and use the internet effectively? It’s time to start knowing all the methods to fix the default gateway are not available in windows 10.

What is the default gateway?

Solving the problem isn’t the first case, but in actuality, you first need to know about that problem. Here, the problem is with the default gateway, so we need to confirm the real meaning of the default gateway.

It doesn’t only sound like a gate but is a real gate between your system and internet. Basically, The network system’s node basically creates data transferring, and if any fault comes in, the system shows this default gateway error.

Maximum time, this problem has been fixed automatically after uninstalling some unimportant data breaching apps. But we want you to completely understand all simple methods to fix this default gateway unavailability error. Let’s get in. 

Methods to Fix the Default Gateway is not available Windows 10

Now, we’ve got armed with sufficient familiarity about the term default gateway and its unavailability on windows 10. Time to fix it with any below-listed method. 

Method 1 – Change the router port

The first method to fix the default gateway is not available windows 10 error is the most common one that we’ve tried maximum time in our life to fix the router issues.

Here, we’ve to reboot our router at the first instance and change the port of your PC’s ethernet to the router’s different port section. The troubleshooting goes consequently from simple methods to complex tasks.

We’ve first started with this handy router alteration. Try connecting to the internet again, and if you’re still seeing the same problem, let’s jump on to the next approach. 

Method 2 – Update your Ethernet driver

After having some alterations with the router, the second method to solve the default gateway is not available windows 10 error is via updating the Ethernet driver.

As you know, drivers are the base of all your system services, so consequently, they’re required to be ultimately updated before usage.

You’re now required to update the Ethernet drivers on your PC to solve that error.

  • Click Windows key + S and type Device Manager. You can also open the Run tab and inscribe the command devmgmt.msc to open Device Manager.
  • After opening Device Manager, scroll down and search for Network Adapters.
  • Now, right-click on each of these ethernet drivers and click Update Driver.
  • It would take just a few minutes and update the drivers soon.

Open the browser and try browsing the internet once again. Hopefully, the error has got resolved now, or if it’s still there, let’s get to the following procedure.

Method 3 – Disable Power Saving mode

Do you know that Windows Power Saving mode also interrupts the default gateway and makes the default gateway is not available windows 10 error?

Yeah, it’s true, and it can get fixed by disabling the Power Saving mode. Additionally, you can do that part through the below steps.

  • Hit the Windows + S button and search Power Options. Click on the first tab!
  • After glimpsing the Power Options window, click Change Plan Settings in the current plan, whether it’s Balanced or Power Saver. 
  • Look now at the below section and click Change advanced power settings tab.
  • Find the Wireless Adapter Settings tab and raise its performance to max. 

Method 4 – Employ the Nutshell Reset command

Have you performed all the above steps and still haven’t got succeed in eliminating the default gateway is not available windows 10 error? It’s time to reset the nutshell IP frequencies within the 802.11g wireless mode using a simple command. 

  • Press the Windows + X key combination and open Command Prompt(Admin).
  • Inscribe the below command on your command prompt – netsh int ip reset
  • Finally, press the Enter button and wait for a minute.
  • The nutshell reset would succeed in a few minutes, and lastly, restart the PC.

After a successful restart, try opening the browser and browsing the internet again. This method contains a high success rate, and most probably, it’d also be a successful solution on your side.

Method 5 – Uninstall all the McAfee apps

Lastly, you can try uninstalling the McAfee apps to get rid of the default gateway is not available windows 10 error. The antivirus software, mostly McAfee associates, mostly breaches and interferes with your internet gateway.

So, you can also try uninstalling this antivirus software and restarting web browser to browse effectively with a successful internet connection.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

What’s the problem with the default gateway on windows 10?

The default gateway is the simple medium to transfer your internet packets, and the problem you’re facing can be because of any halt. You can fix it by employing any simple method from the above list.

How to fix internet problems on windows 10?

You can face several types of internet problems on windows 10, but we’ve got five different methods listed here to solve them all handily.

How can antivirus uninstallation fix the default gateway unavailable error?

Antivirus software mainly intrudes with the internet connection of your PC. In that case, uninstalling them can open a gate for you to get internet access back. 

Final Words

Ultimately, it’s time to say goodbye to all the techies who employed their crucial time here to fix the default gateway is not available windows 10 error. Hope you got the above methods solely and have solved the trouble in minimum steps.

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