How to Unlock bootloader on OnePlus Phones

Unlock bootloader on OnePlus phones has become tough day after day. Having rooted privileges is not easy as you have to go through several steps and follow method according to your smartphone brand.

Before getting into it, some smartphone brands provide the tools and grant convenience if you are a developer since you didn’t have to go to the third-party app.

Suppose you have an OnePlus device in your possession and want rooting privilege to get those tremendous resources. Nevertheless, everything is possible!

From there, you can get the essential tools and drivers from which you can easily unlock bootloader on OnePlus phones. Before completely getting into the guide –

Let’s have a quick look over what actually is a bootloader and what it does on and why it’s required to unlock. So, without wasting time, let’s indulge in the knowledge.

What is Bootloader?

In simple terms, the bootloader is a system firmware that renders the initial processing to start the phone in boot mode by pressing some keys.

Usually, in the background, it reviews every portion of your handset, from the files to the software, to verify whether something important is missing or not. These millions security check only takes a few seconds!

The pre-installed bootloader of your OnePlus phones is designed to increase security and create a wall that repels malicious viruses and malware to penetrate the system.

But on the other hand, you can’t properly check a newly developed application to the maximum degree. That’s why you should unlock bootloader on OnePlus Phones.

Why Unlock Bootloader?

I know you’re curious to know; the simple answer is to achieve the next level of test an application if you are a developer. But, on the ground level that’s why you need to unlock bootloader on OnePlus phones.

Although, tragically, you can’t open the bootloader until you have a PC. So, make sure to have a computer before going through the process.

On the surface, you may think there are many disadvantages of unlocking bootloader on OnePlus phones, but some milestones can be achieved.

Advantages of Unlock Bootloader

Add new Custom Recovery

After Unlock bootloader on OnePlus phones – like most users, you can install the custom recovery platform over your smartphone system, such as TWRP, which is the best in the current tech community. There are several others, but this recovery is the most popular and available for almost every device.

Get Rid of the Random Application

Many non-essential applications come in the system UI, which generally never come into use once we bought the phone. You can permanently delete those applications. But, we don’t recommend you to do so since it can harm the internal settings.

(Except they are bloatware – as the Wallpaper, Pre-install search engine, and these apps are practically useless but never interfere with the system files and its apps.)

Enter in the Whole New World of Customization

In normal terms, you can root your phone after unlock bootloader on OnePlus Phones and add the custom image with the help of the Custom Recovery or from the magisk manager. There several other options from which you can rooting.

But, Magisk stands tall compared to other root providing application because it’s convenient to usage and offers decent support and its work systemless, which its main feature. You can try different things and make your interface more beautiful.

The Warranty Won’t Break

Usually, the warranty will break when you install custom ROMs or rooting your phone. If you didn’t do that anything and lock bootloader again, the warranty is back. But you didn’t need to worry about it.

Disadvantages of Unlock Bootloader

Safetynet issue Will Appear

Google Safetynet issue occurs when you have already unlocked bootloader on OnePlus phones. Due to this, you won’t be able to enter the Google service if you come on their radar. The solution to this, you need to install magisk manager.

Steps to Unlock Bootloader On Oneplus Phones

Before putting the process into work, make sure to backup your data since unlocking the bootloader will be automatically factory reset.

Step to Open Developer Mode

  1. Enable the Developer mode and OEM unlocking. For that, go to the settings, then “About Phone” – press build number a few times
  2. The developer option is now active, once again enter in the setting menu >> Developer Mode >> Enable OEM unlocking + USB Debugging

Step to fastboot the Phone

  1. Now, Turn off the phone and press the power button and volume down key
  2. The screen will show some new icons, and from there, select the preferred language and advance to fastboot the OnePlus device
  3. After “Reboot to fastboot” a new menu will appear – connect the phone to the computer through USB cable

Step to Install Drivers on the Computer

  1. You would need ADB driver and Platform tools on your computer if you didn’t have to install from over guide
  2. Now that you installed drivers, Hit Shitif + Right-click in the Platform tool folder’s space. Select the Windows PowerShell option

Step to Apply Command in Command Prompt

  1. Input – “fastboot devices” to see whether the device is connected properly
  2. Input – “fastboot OEM unlock”

A warning appears on the screen. First, do not unlock the bootloader and another to unlock the bootloader. You have to select the second one by pressing the volume down key and then power button. Your phone will start the booting procedure, and a warning message appears on screen, which means is everything done.


Congrats! You have successfully unlocked bootloader on OnePlus phones without any particular problem. After that, why don’t you give it a try to the custom ROMs and install Magisk? You can get rooting privileges on your phone.

For queries, feel free to comment below and get the solution for the problems. You can also pick our guide to Root Android Phones. As for the parting words, be a techie and enjoy the unlocked features.

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