How to Unlock Bootloader on any Xiaomi Phones

Are you looking for the unlock bootloader on any Xiaomi phones? Yes, you are! Thus, here you will attain fascinating privileges and hands-on impressive software aid too.

Typically, when you open the doors of the bootloader, there are several that come with it—such as warranty violation, vulnerability with virus and malware, and many more.

But it could be a blessing in disguise as you can unlock the core settings of your phone without transforming the primary system setting file, with a few clicks here and there.

There are tons of things that you can perform once you enroll in the endless world of custom-made ROMs and software where you can boost settings thoroughly, as well.

There are no boundaries of changing the system kernels, but the first step you need to take would be grasping the method to unlock the bootloader to root any smartphone.

So without further ado, let’s head toward the method that will unlock bootloader on any Xiaomi phones. Before, let’s get the knowledge about the bootloader and its traits.

What is Bootloader?

The bootloader or the boot partition is software that works behind the scenes, while the phone or the computer is booting all the internal system files securely & safely.

The essential work of the bootloader is to load the boot image file throughout the boot process, which typically takes place when you restart the phone and execute codes.

The codes are self-executed, and it didn’t take more than a few seconds to complete, so you can quickly enter the interface. But the bootloader is usually locked by makers.

Users usually unlock the bootloader settings—they can alter the system partition and implement customization features with the custom TWRP recovery and root access.

Different companies employ unique boot processes that strengthen the security and convenience factor of the phone, as unlocking the bootloader Samsung device is easy.

On the other hand, the process of unlock bootloader on any Xiaomi phones could be challenging. So it’s essential to understand the pros and cons factors to avoid issues!

Advantage of Unlock bootloader

The first thing that you can perform after unlock bootloader on any Xiaomi phone. You can flash extraordinary custom ROMs that will aid in enhancing the UI experience too.

Alongside this, you can also enter the deepest part of the device and enter into the system setting and change the primary features to create the customized ecosystem.

Not only can you boost the battery life, but the performance factor could also improve in several folds with the advanced software aids, like overclocking and underclocking.

Last but not least, you can also obtain the UI update that might take a few months to appear on your phone. Besides, you can try out other companies’ custom interfaces.

Disadvantage of Unlock bootloader

There’s always a constant risk and disadvantage after you unlock bootloader on any Xiaomi phones. First and foremost, the security layering of the bootloader is removed.

Moreover, installing any custom ROMs into the ecosystem is considered a violation of the company policies. Once you have unlocked the bootloader, you will lose privileges.

On top of that, the system bootloader unlocked also adds vulnerability to viruses and malware, other harmful variants that can enter the internal system settings precisely.

The worst thing that could happen to your device is that it becomes a complete brick that can’t be used anymore—it occurs due to installing random incompatible ROM.

How to Unlock bootloader on any Xiaomi phones

Disclaimer: In this following method, you will get the official Mi flashable unlock tool, and you will lose your data, so make sure to backup before handly. On the other hand, Magisk Update is not responsible for any damage; users perform the step at their risk.

Step 1 – Login Mi account and Developer mode

  • First and foremost, you have login into your Mi account details and enter in the Cloud settings. If you forget the password, check the Mi account unlock guide.
  • The next thing you have to perform, tap on the Find my device and click on the quick sync option. So, everything is properly aligned for the upcoming parts.
  • Again, enter into the setting menu, and head toward the About phone section; inside that, you have to tap the phone’s MIUI version more than 7~8 times.
  • Proceed to the Additional SettingsDeveloper Mode→ to enable OEM unlock.

Step 2 – Mi unlock status and connect to PC

  • After enabling the OEM features, you require to turn off the Wi-Fi and enabled the Mobile data option while entering the Mi unlock status in developer mode.
  • Press on the Agree options in case it asks for the Mi account details, input that, switch off the phone to proceed to the next step of entering the fastboot mode.
  • Enter the boot pattern – Volume Down + Power button – make sure to use the original cable that comes inside the box and connect to the PC’s USB 2.0 port.
  • You can utilize a PC/Laptop to connect the smartphone via the USB data cable.

Step 3 – Install the driver and unlock the bootloader

  • Install and download the required ADB drivers to swiftly connect the phone to the PC, and Unzip the Mi unlock tool flashable zip file through the 7zip app.
  • After the installation process ends, open the Mi unlock tool application, enter your Mi account credentials and check whether the device is connected or not!
  • Once the screen is showing that, the device is connected. Then all you have to tap on the Unlock button, a warning will appear to allow that to continue!
  • Afterward, the process of unlock bootloader on any Xiaomi phones would start.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- What is the disadvantage of unlock bootloader?

Ans. One of the primary disadvantages of unlocking the bootloader is that the users are removing the security layering that makers offer. It will lack core security features.

Q- Is it decent to unlock the bootloader?

Ans. The unlock bootloader permit users to install/flash custom features and firmware on the Android device. It also includes the customization related to interface setup.

Q- Will unlocking bootloader erase data?

Ans. Yes, when you unlock the bootloader, the data will be wiped out, and you can’t do anything about that; it would be great you take backup to ensure your data is safe.

Q- What are the advantages of unlocking the bootloader?

Ans. A bootloader is like a security barrier that doesn’t allow users to establish custom settings: with an unlocked bootloader, you can do vice-versa and install new traits.

Q- Should I lock bootloader after root?

Ans. No, you should not lock the bootloader after rooting since if you perform that, you won’t be able to install/flash interesting custom ROMs later on, so don’t do that!

Q- Can you relock the bootloader?

Ans. Download the relevant phone’s stock firmware and then reboot the device into the custom recovery; later, flash the stock firmware, you can relock the bootloader.

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