Common Problems in Vivo X30 Pro – How To Fix Them!

The post will deliver a complete guide about the common problems in Vivo X30 Pro. No need to wait for anything, just skim through this post to solve the issue.

Hi there, guy! I hope you are doing well in your life. but due to some reason, the phone didn’t work like it used to be before. In that position, you are looking for quick solutions to those troubles. Worry not, we are here to assist you in that matter.

The Vivo X30 Pro is one of the ample smartphones that arrive with normal specs. But, if you are using the phone for a few years, you might have noticed some issues.

In the following section, you get to know about the common problem, so that you can easily avoid the damage. Therefore, let’s head to the next section to get answers.

How to Fix Common Problems in Vivo X30 Pro

Here’s the list of numerous problems that can occur on your phone. All of the given methods are tested and proven, so, you can effortlessly come out from the trouble.

1. Vivo X30 Pro can’t connect to Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connectivity becomes of necessity for every phone user. but it’s not working in your case, follow the below instructions to easily connect to the internet world.

Method 1 – Reset the Network Settings 

  • First of all, you have to head toward the Settings Menu.
  • Click on the Connection and sharing option to continue.
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  • Scroll down and tap on Reset Wi-Fi, mobile networks, and Bluetooth.
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  • At the bottom, you will find Reset settings. Press on to reset the network.

Method 2 – Factory Reset

  • Like the previous method go to the Settings App.
  • Tap on the About Phone option present at the top.
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  • Next, scroll down to access the Factory Reset options.
  • Select the Erase all data button and enter the PIN.
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  • Once that happened, a warning appear on the screen.
  • Tap on Next to start the complete factory reset.

2. A Slowly User interface Vivo X30 Pro

The system might take some time to run the user interface elements as the hardware gets old. Due to this, some users start facing common problems in Vivo X30 Pro.

How to Fix Lag?

  • Remove all of those apps that you used once in a while.
  • Clear cache and junk data from the internal storage.
  • Back up your photos and video on cloud space.
  • Transport your smartphone data to an SD card slot.
  • Sometimes custom themes slow down the interface.
  • Update all the apps from the authentic Appstore.
  • Get the latest version of the android to fix the problem.

With this, you will fix the common problems in Vivo X30 Pro and resolve the lag issues. However, if the above methods didn’t work out, try to factory reset the device.

3. Vivo X30 Pro battery drain issue

It’s a thumb rule that the battery life will decrease as time goes by, so eventually, the battery drains faster compared to when you purchase the phone. So, let’s fix it!

How to fix fast battery drain?

  • First of all, remove the background apps.
  • Stop GPS when it’s not needed, so turn it off.
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  • Putting the phone in a battery saver will drain the battery fast.
  • Reducing the brightness to some extent will increase battery life.
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  • Turn Off NFC, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi, when they are not needed.
  • Disable the auto-update feature from the play store.

4. Vivo X30 Pro Mobile Data Problem

The mobile data issue is closely related to the networks section. So, you don’t need to worry about anything, just reset the network settings to solve the internet data.

But on the other hand, if you are looking for quick-fix solutions, you can check out the following tricks. From this, you can fix the network fluctuation in a hassle-free way.

How to Fix Cellular Network Issue?

  • Remove the SIM card and insert it once again.
  • Restart the device to soft reboot the system settings.
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  • Switch On the Airplane mode for 30-sec, then turn it Off.

5. Vivo X30 Pro Heating Problem

The primary reason why you are facing the heating issue is due to the chipset and battery. If you face those common problems in Vivo X30 Pro, fix them with changes.

How to fix the heating Problem?

  • Remove the phone case while charging.
  • Do not play games during charging or scroll social media feeds.
  • Make sure to always use the original charge to fuel the phone.
  • Playing long-session games can also cause overheating issues.
  • For better usage, always use the Play Store to install any app.
  • Never overcharge your phone as it will cause heating problems.

6. Vivo X30 Pro Apps Opening Slowly

Sometimes the apps didn’t open properly or take more time than usual. It’s a common problem that occurred in the android phone, so let’s check out the quick solutions.

How To Fix Apps Opening Slowly?

  • You have uninstalled useless apps to clean up some internal storage.
  • Try to use the Lite version of social media apps to decrease RAM usage.
  • If you have to install any modified application, deleted it right away.
  • As the last resort, you can factory reset your smartphone.

7. Vivo X30 Pro unexpectedly shut down

If you are facing an unexpected shutdown problem on your phone, we suggest you follow the below-given instruction to clear this hurdle without any problem.

How to fix a sudden shutdown?

  • The heating issue can lead to a sudden shutdown problem.
  • Don’t try to use a heavy cover because it can cause heating issues.
  • You can hard reset the device to remove bugs and fix errors.

8. Bluetooth not working on Vivo X30 Pro

Do you ever face any issues while connecting to the Bluetooth? It’s a pretty common problems in Vivo X30 Pro. But, you can precisely fix this by the following steps.

How to Fix Bluetooth not working?

  • Disable and then re-enable the Bluetooth button.
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  • Remove the device from the pairing list and try again.
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  • Reset the Network settings to fix Bluetooth connectivity.

9. Keeps showing the ‘Camera Failed’ error 

If you are looking for a solution for the “Camera failed” error on your, you can try out the instructions to fix this error. With that said, let’s get started with the first method!

Method 1: Perform the Forced Restart

Occasionally, the system settings didn’t function properly due to overload in the RAM configuration. In that situation, you can simply force restart your device. With this, you can solve common problems in Vivo X30 Pro in a straightforward way.

  • Long-press Volume Down and Power key to force restart your phone.

Method 2: Reset the Camera 

  • First and foremost, tap and hold on to the camera app.
  • Click on the App info section present on the screen.
  • Inside the different options, pick the Storage.
  • Finally, click on the Clear Cache choice.

Method 3: Factory Reset

  • As usual, you have to go to the settings app.
  • Tap on the About Phone → and click on Reset.
  • Following this, tap on Erase all data button.
  • Enter the PIN or password to confirm the reset.

10. Touch Screen Problems on Vivo X30 Pro

The Touch response stopping working is not a common problems in Vivo X30 Pro, and everything is fine until the screen is not cracked or damaged in some way.

If the problem is related to the firmware, a simple hard reset can fix this troubleshoot problem. For that, you can run down to the subsequently shared method below.

  • You have to perform the Forced Restart on your phone.
  • Then, apply a factory reset to set everything as default.
  • Wait till the process ends, it will solve the touch screen problem.

Note: If it doesn’t work out, we highly suggest you visit the nearest service station.

11. Apps and Games Crashes Suddenly

Here are some tips that you can apply to fix the game crashing problem.

  • Make sure that the device is on the latest version of the operating system.
  • Subsequently, you can also try to uninstall and reinstall the game.
  • Apply the same steps to enable and then disable battery saver software.
  • Go to the Settings → App manager. Here, you have a clear cache of the game.

12. Apps not downloading from the play store 

You will get authentic applications from the Playstore, but sometimes the apps are not downloading and it’s not a common problems in Vivo X30 Pro, it’s a serious issue.

So, here are some tips that you can use to start the downloading process of the apps.

  • For starters, you can simply restart the phone.
  • Secondly, we recommend you clear your Playstore search history.
  • Go to the Settings → App Manager → PlayStore → Storage → Clear Cache.

13. Screen frozen or stuck

The screen frozen or stuck issue can be caused due to software manducation or the firmware not working precisely. To overcome this trouble, follow the given steps.

  • Get the latest version of the Android update to fix the screen frozen bug.
  • Delete all the non-essential apps from the interface ecosystem.
  • If it’s an app in which the screen froze, clear the cache of that app.
  • Lastly, if anything didn’t work out, then factory reset the device.


I have covered most of the common problems in Vivo X30 Pro and their solution. With this ultimate guide., you can easily fix any issue that happened to your device.

On the other hand, I hope that this piece of content delivers an excellent value for the readers. if you come across any trouble do lets us know in the comment section.

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