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If you are advanced tech enthusiasts you may already know about the rooting. Still in this case you can optimize function in few clicks.

What is Magisk?

Magisk is an all-rounder tool that provides several advanced features to software that can reach an excellent level of rooting ability for the system. In simple words, that gives you every privilege of root that needed in your Android devices.

To be more precise, Magisk is particularly based on SuperSU. But with some extra addition tweaks and functions that make him even better plus unique than SuperSU.

Some of the features of Magisk are – Magisk Hide, maintain root permissions to third-party apps, Hide root from a particular app, and MagiskSU, etc.

And as a result, you can easily enjoy all the Mod APK, software, boost performance, and overclock the system. Apart from this, Magisk comes with several modules or mods of its own, which help you to customize your device.

On the other hand, the best thing about Magisk is it works on a systemless interface, which means its an open-source as well as it won’t interfere with system files. Such as system partition and boot partition.

That why its more reliable, safe and secure than any other Root tool available in the market, which makes uphanded in the android device rooting community.

Magisk Manager APK

Magisk Manager

File Name: Magisk Manager APK

Version: 7.5.1

Size: 2.03 MB

Download Magisk Zip

If you want to root an android device by manipulation of TWRP, then magisk come handly which uses a flash recovery method. below we understand some features of the magisk manager?

Magisk Manager


Version: 20.4

Size: 5.67 MB


There is a long list of resources that cannot be produced here. But we try to provide all the essential information about the Magisk

Loads of tweaks in Magisk Module

The best thing about the Magisk is it provides several user-friendly module features to enhance the user experience. With the help of this, you can easily customize your smartphone as per your wish.

There are thousands of modification modules to select as well as increase the personalized experience.

No Modification in the System

There will be no modification to the system’s files while using Magisk, which could as a great thing about this software. This all happened due to the “Systemless” features.

Magisk allows you to get the manufactures OTA updates. which means that didn’t interfere with the system OS behind the scenes which the best method to root device.

Hide root with MagiskHide

Nowadays, large groups of apps arrive with anti-root configuration to minimize violations of internal features.

Most of the time it didn’t allow you to access the apps and give notification that you’re using a rooted device. This includes Banking apps, Well-known games apps, and many more.

But you don’t worry about that because of Magsik Hide mode, which helps you hide a specific application that you didn’t want them to know about the root status.

The developer feels integrate with MagiskSU.

First of all, it has SuperSU standard interface as we above mentioned. It develops to work simply and because of that reason, it gains a thousand amount of popularity.

Free and Open Source Platform

Magisk is an open-source platform in which anyone can access the application form at any corner of the world without even paying a single money.

You can even make your own Mod application and can upload to the module section.

Thanks to Developer-By topjohnwu

Guide to Install Magisk Latest Version 20.4

All of these procedures will not work until you flash magisk zip on your android device. you can also check our extraordinary guide to Root any Android device using Magisk (Flashable ZIP)


Several applications present in the market can easily root your Andriod device but they modify the internal systems files. Thus, severely affects the device.

Moreover, it inserts malware as well as spyware into the device. Some of you may know of the infamous KingRoot, which not a good option to rooting.

But on the other we have Magisk. It has a Systemless interface, an Open-Source system, and various types of tweaks. But, the best thing about the software is a secure platform.

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