How to Unlock Bootloader on any Android Phone

If you require to achieve fascinating features and system settings are usually blocked by the makers, you require to know about unlock bootloader on any android phone.

There are two methods in which one needed the computer while the other didn’t need it since you will require in your smartphone while choosing anyone you prefer to use.

Besides this, in this tutorial, we have covered everything that you will necessitate for the process, such as essential tools and software with a precise step-by-step guide.

With the below method, you can do several things; for instance, if you desire to root android phone without pc, then the first thing you require is to unlock the bootloader.

Moreover, it won’t affect the device in any way, unlike the rooting process, where you will lose all the warranty privileges, and there’s a constant risk, but the risk is minimal.

But before heading toward the method of how to unlock bootloader on any Android phone, let’s first understand the terminology and get a grasp of what you are doing!

What is bootloader?

During the boot process, the bootloader operates on the internal booting settings and encrypts the security data—such as Pin, Passwords, and fingerprint scanner details.

The code is executed when the operating system start/boot, while every manufacture has a different OS kernel and has their version of the bootloader to start the phone.

The makers usually block access to the bootloader as changing the file settings might brick the device. And it also avoids unauthorized access attempts over the handset.

The features that will be achieved from unlock bootloader on any Android phone are quite tempting, on the other hand, so it’s necessary to understand the pros and cons.

Advantage of Unlock bootloader

The first thing you can perform after unlocking the bootloader is to obtain a custom recovery like TWRP. That will authorize you to flash powerful settings over the device.

You can try out equipping different things, and implementing customization are the primary elements that can be attained after unlock bootloader on any Android phone.

The most annoying part of the system layering is that it provides bloatware apps, but once the bootloader is unlocked, you can delete the system apps without any trouble.

Several customizations features authorize you to modify and alter system limits, while the overclocking attributes will increase the performance speed of the smartphone.

Disadvantage of Unlock bootloader

The main working of the bootloader is to encrypt PIN, Pattern, fingerprint, but when you unlock them, the security factor becomes vulnerable and easy to access by others.

Typically as part of the process, the system will entirely erase data, while if you didn’t take the backup before, you lose your precious data, so make sure to take backup.

Let’s suppose someone steals your handset, your device’s bootloader is unlocked, then the thief will freeze your device and bypass the encryption key and install a new UI.

You are theoretically bricking your device in an indirect format since with unlocking the bootloader, you can install custom ROM, and it somehow crashes and brick the phone.

How to Unlock Bootloader on any Android Phone

There are two methods from which you obtain unlock the bootloader on any Android phone without worrying. The first process includes the full support of the computer.

While the second is a specific method that allows Samsung device users to unlock the bootloader directly. But sadly, the process can’t apply to other brands of smartphones.

Disclaimer: The magisk update is not responsible for damage performed at your risk, while our team recommends you to take an entire backup of your data first.

Step 1 – Unlock the developer mode

  • Inside the phone, click on the settings appsabout phonebuild number.
  • Tap on the build number a few times till you are developer doesn’t appear.
  • Now, proceed to the setting menu, and search for the “developer mode” first.
  • Enable the unlock OEM and USB debugging settings for the upcoming part.

Step 2 – Interlinking the devices

  • Put the device into the fastboot mode, and join to the PC will help the cable.
  • Install essential USB drivers with ADB driver for better usage of the process.
  • After installing the drivers, hold shift and right-click on the remaining space.
  • Following that, you will notice that open command window here; tap it first.

Step 3 – Applying the commands

  • Before entering into the cmd prompt, confirm that you obtain a USB debugging message prompt on the screen and confirm access by pressing the OK button.
  • Use – adb devices – the first command to check the device is connected or not.
Magisk Update
  • If the prompt is not showing your handset in the first place, like the screenshot, reconnect the device into fastboot and check if it has an issue with the cable.
  • Now enter the second command – adb reboot bootloader -This will reset all of the settings while this command will unlock bootloader on any android phone.
Magisk Update
  • From the above step, the phone will go into the fastboot mode. Next, you have insert – fastboot devices – to once again enter into the phone fastboot mode.
Magisk Update
  • Lastly, you can enter – fastboot oem unlock – to unlock the bootloader. Yet, if this command doesn’t work, try – fastboot flashing unlock – this one out.

Step 4 – Unlocking the bootloader!

  • On the smartphone screen, a message will pop to unlock the bootloader or not!
  • Besides this, you can navigate through the Volume up and down buttons, while the Power button will help you select the respective option you want to choose.
  • Select Yes to unlock the bootloader, or pick No to didn’t perform that process.
  • With this, the handset will restart, and you can enjoy the customization traits.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- What does unlock bootloader mean?

Ans. Unlocking the bootloader grants your the choice to change the system firmware of your phone and freely install the privileges to improve and modify the phone skills.

Q- Is bootloader unlock safe?

Ans. Unlocking the bootloader is safe until you have entered into the endless world of customization of ROM. But if you didn’t want to install, avoid the unlocking process.

Q- How unlock bootloader without PC?

Ans. Desire to unlock the bootloader without PC assistance; you will be required a third-party app to run the commands—it is a risky task, so avoid using this process.

Q- Will unlock bootloader erase data?

Ans. The unlocked bootloader instruct wipe data and when you switch the stock ROM interface into a custom ROM. In that case, you will most likely delete data files as well.

Q- Does unlocking the bootloader will violate the warranty?

Ans. Few smartphone producers authorize users to unlock the bootloader settings, except some companies might not fall in the same criteria; they will void the warranty.

Q- Does unlock bootloader helps in rooting?

Ans. Unlock bootloader on any android phone is appreciably essential in the rooting process because it’s the first milestone that users have to achieve to start the process.

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