Download Latest Odin Flash Tool {All Versions}

Hello friends, are you searching for download Odin flash tool? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Do you have a Samsung device but didn’t able to upgrade the official OS? If you want customization on your Samsung handset even further.

On top of that, you can get the latest Odin Flash Tool version, and here we providing compatible software, which works smoothly on Windows.

What is Odin Flash Tool?

Odin Flash Tool is a kind of framework flash tool that can unlock all the features of any Samsung device, mainly smartphones.

This flash tool initially designs to modify the firmware. Some of you know that it is also remembered as Samsung Odin in his earlier days.

On the other hand, this tool is an official service produced to strengthen the built and expand system firmware’s reach.

Usually, you can’t access these files and the system data. But Odin flash tool lets you enter the inner software parts of your Android device.

Some lean down features are – custom flash recovery files, stock firmware update, rooting accessibility, and many more.


Get the latest updates

Suppose you have an older version of the Android phone, and you want to upgrade to the newest one. In that case, the Flash Stock will help you to find the custom firmware and works as a brand new OS.

Further, you can personalize home screen and change the interface.

Fix the issues

Odin designs to solve issues of the Samsung handset; it does solve even now but better. The boot loop and the phone brick can be resolved.

Didn’t Violate Warranty

The application is designed to benefit Samsung users. Developers and tech enthusiasts can perform various things. But on top of that, there won’t be any effect on the Warranty of your devices. So rest assure.

Safe and Secure

It’s a secure platform to access the system files and change internal partitions to new software. With this, you can safely Root Samsung device.

Now it’s time to understand the essential requirements you need to do before using the Odin Flash tool. We recommend that you take special care of the below list.

Download Odin Flash Tool

Down below, you will get the downloadable link of the Odin Flash tool; click on the link for ultimate fun and customization in your handset.

Odin Flash Tool

File Name:

Version: 3.13.3

Size: 2.5 MB

Here are some Points to Remember

  • You had a Window PC of window seven or above
  • Make sure your phone Charge at least above 50%
  • Backup the important data before starting procedure
  • You get the firmware files which you want to add on

Steps to Flash Firmware Using Odin Flash Tool

  1. You may have already download Samsung USB driver
  2. Before connecting your phone to the computer, open developer mode and enable the USB debugging setting
Magisk Update
  1. Get the flash firmware of the CSC, BL, CP, AP file
  2. Now turn off your smartphone, then boot into download mode
  3. Open the Odin tool, then align the device. When you’re device is completely connected, the log section will show Added!
Magisk Update
  1. Select the preferred file to flash. If you are performing patched boot image, use files such as .img, .tar, and .tar.m5
  2. Go to the Options section, and click on F.Reset Time. Don’t select anything else from the options and uncheck the rest
Odin Flash Tool
  1. Now it’s time to get things in action. Press the start button

Note – don’t do anything funny with your computer while the device is plug-in. And remember that if you disconnect your phone, Your handset will be brick permanently.

Odin takes around ten minutes to complete the process in typical cases, and it shows a Pass at the top of the screen, which means it is done.

If your device stops at the Samsung logo for more than 20 minutes.


Odin Flash Tool is a decent tool for Samsung users and an excellent option for rooting. Plus, it’s an official firmware; hence there no need to worry about security.

If you have any problem or want to express your thoughts, comment down all below.

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