Samsung USB Driver Latest Version For Windows 2022

Are you looking for a way to download Samsung USB driver? If yes, you will obtain the setup in this post and get the flash trait into the system in a hassle-free manner.

But if you don’t have time to understand the core steps while already knowing how to install it into the PC, check out the below section that will directly lead you to setup.

If you are here, I’m assuming you are one of those tech enthusiasts who are genuinely looking for the primary steps to install this driver properly and obtain its features.

As you might know, smartphones have different partitions, such as system partition and user partition, but big companies usually put limiters into the internal settings.

It is because they want users to not get unwanted administer features. But who wants to settle down with the average features set? We always look for a method to throw away those limiters.

The first step will be installing the USB drivers since it will unlock the pathway to the open world of customization and provide the code to enter into the system directories.

If you are looking for the steps, select the steps options in the list. But you are curious to know more about the Samsung USB driver, let’s head towards the following section.

What is Samsung USB driver?

The Samsung USB driver tool is a well-organized connecting bridge that combines your phone and computer in an error-free pattern in a pretty straightforward manner.

Usually, you need the driver to install new things onto the system; you can lend help from this tool. Not only is it a secure option, but an officially created one for Samsung devices.

It will further aid you in flashing unique custom ROMs into the ecosystem without any issues; it can be said as the stepping stone to unlocking the impressive settings traits.

In simple words, the Samsung USB driver tool presents an exceptional environment to develop different things while the debugging features are unlocked over the device.

But still, you are thinking if it is mandatory to download the Samsung driver? There are several reasons you should use this tool, which is covered in the following part.

Why Use Samsung USB driver?

When developing a patch root file or performing any up-gradation into the system, you will need the Samsung USB driver in Windows to connect your device accurately.

Since USB drivers are a necessary toolkit needed to create a perfect balanced bridge between the smartphone and the PC, it’s a decent choice for Samsung smartphones.

Because you are not running the regular file transfer command, you want to enter the USB debugging section to flash & integrate the magnificent custom-made features.

While on the other hand, if you don’t have this driver installed in the system, it only works in file transmission format and won’t show the device in the Odin flash tool.

Besides, you will also get a chance to test out your newly developed app for the latest Samsung phones in the remote lab while using Android studio to check other things.



You can freely equip and then utilize the Samsung USB driver on the Windows operating unit and develops debugging bridge without any hidden cost.


The makers have accurately designed the driver, which presents a pretty decent developer-friendly ecosystem; thus, you won’t face any security issues.


This driver is compatible with almost every Samsung smartphone model and can easily download up to Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11 in a hassle-free manner.


Samsung officially created this driver, so rest assured that you are getting the genuine thing and enjoy the free testing features with the dedicated test lab.

Download Samsung USB Driver v1.7.56

Suppose you have the vision to build an impressive custom interface that works aptly according to your demand while providing subtle security with performance boosting. In that case, you should root android phone without PC. Still, the first step would be installing the right toolkit. In that situation, you will need the Samsung USB driver.

Software NameSamsung USB driver
Last UpdatedMay 30, 2022
File Size37.3 MB

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. How do I download and install Samsung USB drivers?

Ans. You can grab the latest version of the Samsung USB driver through this post and download it into your computer to appreciate the creation development environment.

Q. Why is USB not detected?

Ans. In a usual scenario, the USB driver of the PC might not be working properly; you can update the drive to the latest version so that your device once again can be detected.

Q. Do I need a Samsung USB Driver for Mobile Phones?

Ans. No, you don’t need the driver for the Mobile phone; instead, it’s essential for the Windows OS as it aids the PC to identify the device during the USB interlink process.

Q. Do USB drivers automatically reinstall?

Ans. If you format the computer OS and factory reset all the data in that scenario, you have to reinstall the driver; it will not automatically download, so it gets the file setup.

Q. How do I fix my Samsung USB device not recognized?

Ans. This issue occurs when the driver isn’t installed correctly into the system. Get the latest Samsung USB driver, and the device will start recognizing once again.

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