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Hello friends, are you searching for download Samsung USB Driver? If yes, then you are at the right place.

The Samsung device evolves quite brilliantly but still rooting them is a tough task. You have to download the SDK tool and flash recovery to cope rooting privileges.

But there no need to worry about it because this article will help you to get the latest version of the Samsung USB driver from which you can connect your smart device to the operating system with ease.

You may come across that in the age where technology is moving forward to making system and their components wireless, why should you use the normal USB driver in the first place. Well, the answer is clear the convenience and ease of use.

So, Samsung introduces its USB driver tool officially to easily read their device on PC and transfer data or install a new Image on the phone. Isn’t that great to have those fantastic features on your phone!

Plus, it benefits the developer to test their application on the Samsung device on the professional side. While a tech enthusiast like you and I also prefer this tool to get the Odin flash tool on our Samsung smartphone. Now, let’s understand what actually this driver is and what things you can squish out from it.

What is Samsung USB Driver?

Samsung USB driver is a tool that creates a bridge between your device and the computer by just connecting the USB cable. Like the ADB driver, this tool is also used to install the flash recovery firmware on your smartphone, except it solely works.

As for the technical aspect, it can be said that the Samsung USB driver is mainly used to runs the command, which ensures that your computer catches the signal from your phone and appears while adding custom ROM/ developed application.

This program allows you to transport data between phone to the computer or vice versa, and you didn’t need to download the Samsung PC suite after downloading this driver. Plus, you can reboot the entire system of your phone without any hassle.

There are tons of features await when you installed the Samsung USB driver, but to be precise, I’m introducing only the significant traits that make this application.


Easy to use and Secure feel

This application stops all solution drivers that improvise under development application testing sessions to check bugs and issues. Furthermore, it’s an official tool that is dedicatedly designed and only present for Samsung devices.

Get the latest version based on the newest user interface.

Samsung always tries to enhance the interface settings and render fascinating features to its user base; the same thing goes for the driver. As the interface is updated, a more advanced driver tool will be offered. So, you won’t fall behind.

Developer friendly application

It provides the ecosystem where the developer can test their design application progress and issues within the test. Moreover, you can test on a number of the device to expand the compatibility of your application. It also gives a better development environment as well as check the functionality.

Download amazing Custom ROM through Odin Flash Tool

A flash recovery tool to root the phone and the best thing you can get for the Samsung handset is the Odin flash recovery firmware. The software set will aid in several ways to install a new interface setting on your phone.

Samsung USB Driver Latest Version 2020

Rather than wasting data on a random USB driver who didn’t even work with the Samsung phones or tablet, downloading the Samsung USB driver would be a great choice as it appears to have the ability to connect the smartphone to the PC.

File Name:


Size: 19.6 MB

Download Here

How to Setup Samsung USB Driver?

In a typical case, all you need proper and stable access to the internet to begin the process, and down below point will help you set up the Samsung USB Driver on your Windows PC without any problem.

From this article, you will receive the driver package, download it.

  1. Now go to the download section of your Windows PC and press right-click on the driver zip, then unzip the file through WinRAR or 7Zip. You can use anything that you want to open the file
  2. After extracting the file, enter that particular folder and double click on the .exe file for opening InstallWizard. See below to continue the process
  3. The screen from selecting the preferred language and country and two-time smash that “Next” option to execute the process one step further
  4. On this step, you have to select the path where you want to install the driver. We recommend you go with the default C-drive, although you can also navigate to your preferred location
  5. After setting, the installation process will start, and there’s no doubt it will take some time. Wait till the “Finish” option, you have installed the driver


After installing the Samsung USB driver, you can install the Odin flash tool to add custom ROMs on your phone and get extraordinary features of personalization options. Long story short, you’re Root Samsung devices.

This guide will end here, and if you have any doubts or issues regarding downloading the driver, please tell in the comment section.

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