Platform Tools Latest Version For Windows 2021

Platform Tools are like core building blocks that allow you to go through the unknown settings of your Android and iOS device so that you can do tons of other brilliant stuff.

Starting with applying a root process to testing various apps could be helpful when you know the right path to move forward to the mysteries level privileges directory.

Every tech geek has rooted their Android smartphone once in a while; if you know someone, they tell you to install the debugging fastboot to initialize the process first.

You might know or might not know that this tool plays an essential role in bringing fascinating tweaks and features with the help of fastboot command lines instruction.

Hopefully, you didn’t have to worry about anything since you will get the complete setup of Platform Tools and none stop what you want to achieve in the meantime.

You can not unzip the terrific power of your Android smartphone without this tool. Besides that, it becomes tricky to flash TWRP to install images and exciting features.

In the upcoming section, I will show you a good chunk of information regarding what SDK Platform tools can do; therefore, let’s brace ourselves for the following scenario.

What are Platform Tools?

Platform tools are the component of SDK Android tools, and the concept of making this tool is to create a simple bridge between laptop and phone quicker than before.

It generally carried out the ADB and Fastboot command so that you can flash custom ROM, implement system images, and boot patched files to get ahead in the tech race.

As for the speaking of the primary features, this tool helps you in several unique ways and a comparatively lightweight software setup, unlike its siblings at the same time.

Besides that, you can even unlock the bootloader settings to further advance in the process of unlocking the system setting backdoors that have been seal for long ago.

You can urge the need for platform tools to run fastboot codes in command prompt is necessary, but in reality, you need them since some devices didn’t work as you think.

At the end of the day, let’s grasp a supportive toolkit so that you can quickly enter the unknown territory of your smartphone; thus, let’s have discussed all of these in brief.

Why Use Platform Tools?

SDK Platform tools are basic the ADB drivers that work as a bridge. In simple words, it will assist you in unveiling performance beast, rooting assets, battery-saving, etc.

Yet, the essential prerequisite for a platform-tools set is that it allows you to unleash the utmost potential of your Android or iPhone device in a pretty fast pace manner.

For better understanding, when you transport your media data to a PC, the PC needs USB drivers to read the data correctly; the same goes for this as it read ADB drivers.

Following that, the system will identify your device, and in the case can the drivers don’t recognize your device in fastboot, it would be great to reinstall them precisely.

Whether you want a minimal set of customization or looking for a way to create the overpowered ecosystem, you must first consider in the checklist is adding this tool.

Apart from this, what we have covered until now is just the tip of a vast iceberg; there are tons of significant usage you can swat for, so let’s have a look at those features.


New system image

There are endless possibilities for improvement and customization in system images once you download the Platform tool’s latest version and start installing TWRP files.

Custom features

There are several things to try out together; you will be confused about which custom option you can choose for the core interface since tons of features available online.

Flash custom-made recovery

You can say custom recovery advanced version of timid stock recovery since it allows you to flash and then install features to your device while providing stable security.

Automatic reboot

This tool allows you directly boot devices from fastboot to normal mode through the fastboot reboot command that you need to type; thus, it performs automated reboot.

Download SDK Platform Tools For Windows 2021

Platform Tools


Version: 31.0.2

Size: 11.96 MB

Note- You will get the genuine version of the platform tool, so rest assured. In case things didn’t work out, go to the official page to pick this tool. Apart from this, Magisk Update is not responsible for any damage to your device or PC. Make sure to follow guidelines properly to stay out of trouble, do it at your own risk!

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- How do you use Platform Tools?

Ans. The usage is quite easy, and even you can do it with no trouble, install tool flash and extract file, open the cmd prompt tab, and start running fastboot/ADB command.

Q- How do I download Platform Tools SDK?

Ans. The easiest way to download this tool is by visiting the download portion of this article. Just tap download, then flash file content, and you are ready to root devices.

Q- How do I use Platform Tools on Windows?

Ans. Once you are done completing the downloads and extraction process, you have to use Windows Powershell or, in other words, a command prompt to utilize this tool.

Q- What are ADB shell commands?

Ans. Usually, ADB shell commands are known as the key features that permit users to apply different smartphone settings, from rebooting to installing new image files.

Q- How do I install Platform Tools on Windows 10?

Ans. You can begin with installing the platform tools zip in Windows 10. afterward, extract all the data from the zip file and head to the command prompt tab.

Q- Why ADB not recognized?

Ans. When your computer operating system cannot understand the path of the SDK platform tools, the command prompt tab starts showing ADB is not recognized error.

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