Platform Tools Latest Version For Windows 2022

Are you looking for a method to download the platform tools in 2022? If yes, you have come across the exact place where you will attain an easy guide with a walkthrough.

On the other hand, if you’re in a hurry and know about the primary steps to run the core commands, learn how to use this tool. Get the latest version tool from below.

The platform tools are like the building block in the SDK Android tools that provide several things for the developer to quickly transform the internal system settings.

Are you also intrigued to know how you can unlock those fascinating privileges? Yes, you are! For that, you need to be aware of the usual way to root any android device.

You can’t achieve those rooting privileges without having proper knowledge about the standalone software necessary to unlock those features, and this tool is one of them.

After installing all the necessary tools, the users quickly enter into the system settings and perform the modification, while rooting with the Magisk app is the safest choice.

Indeed, the platform tools are equipped with the ADB commands bundle that will help flash the TWRP custom recovery and further aid in making the patched boot img file.

But before heading to the unknown forest of endless customization, let’s have a look at what this tool is and understand what exciting things you can accomplish with it.

What are Platform Tools?

The platform tools are an all-in-one standalone application for controlling the fastboot and ADB commands, and they can be considered a piece of the Android SDK tools.

The primary work of this tool is to work as an interlink bridge to connect the device to the laptop/PC in the best way possible so that users can run command instructions.

With this setup, you can frequently carry out the fastboot commands and check each section of your device, while the tool also offers to unlock bootloader on any android.

The SDK platform tools are encrypted codes that unlock the backdoor of the system firmware from which the users can unleash impressive features and function precisely.

In simple words, you will receive access to transform the administer directory that will allow you to unleash the performance beast, enhance battery life, root assets, more.

Last but not least, the things covered here are just the top of the mountain and several left. If you are prepared to take the risk, you will discover exceptional highlights ahead.


Automatic reboot

You have to follow a lengthy process to open the fastboot mode, but with this tool, you quickly move from the fastboot to normal mode with a single command hassle-free.

Custom features

Once you have rooted the device, you will receive custom traits options that help build a personalized interface ecosystem. Besides, there are diverse choices on the internet.

Flash custom-made recovery

One of the reasons to install these excellent tools is that you aspire to flash apt TWRP recovery on the device to flash various features compared to tedious stock recovery.

New system image

Following that, you will also perceive options to wear distinctive interface settings and change the system img. You can also upgrade and downgrade the android version.

Download SDK Platform Tools For Windows 2022

Software NamePlatform Tools
Last UpdatedMay 30, 2022
File Size6.3 MB

Setup Platform Tools To Run Basic Commands

Disclaimer: In this post, you will get the actual application, yet if you are facing any problem downloading or installing, visit the official page. While Magisk update is not responsible for any device or computer damage, download the software at your risk.

Step 1 – Download and install the tool

  • I’m assuming that you have downloaded the latest version of flashable tools.
  • Navigate to the download location or click on show in the folder options first.
Magisk Update
  • Next, you have to extract the zip file. You can also utilize the 7zip tool to rar file.
Magisk Update
  • Extract the tool wherever you like to put it. It’s recommended to use a C-drive.

Step 2 – Adding to the path variable

  • After unzipping the file, copy the above section – folder path – to utilize it later.
  • Search for the Edit the system environment variables to open a new prompt.
  • Select the environment variables option, and you will notice the system variable section. In that white section, choose the path part, paste the folder path there.
  • Press on “Ok” in all three opened the prompt to run everything smoothly.

Step 3 – Apply primary commands

  • Apply the fastboot command pattern by pressing the Volume + Power button.
  • Connect both ends of the UBS cable in the device and other to the computer.
  • Inside the PC, insert cmd in the search bar to unlock the command prompt.
  • Enter adb command to confirm everything is working correctly! Next, upload the adb devices to check whether the smartphone device is connected or not.

Note: Every smartphone maker provides a different boot method to enter the fastboot mode. Thus, you have to check the pattern for your device to boot into the fastboot.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- How do you use Platform Tools?

Ans. This tool is pretty straightforward to use, download and install the latest version from this post, extract the file, and run the cmd prompt to use the ADB commands.

Q- How do I download Platform Tools SDK?

Ans. In this post, you will receive the proper method to download and install the SDK tool, which will further aid you in rooting any android phone without any annoyance.

Q- How do I use Platform Tools on Windows?

Ans. To utilize this tool on the Windows operating system, you must head toward the Edit the system environment variable section and insert the folder path for access.

Q- What are ADB shell commands?

Ans. The ADB shell commands are the fundamental commands that allow users to perform specific tasks that include removing the bootloader, reset, reboot, and more.

Q- How do I install Platform Tools on Windows 10?

Ans. Grab the latest version of the platform SDK tools for Windows 7, 10, 11 from this article. Then, extract the zip file into the PC, and later enjoy the fastboot commands.

Q- Why is ADB not recognized?

Ans. When the operating system understands the path of this tool, the ADB does not recognize error occurs, follow Step-2 to avoid this problem once and for all quickly.

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