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If you are a developer or tech aesthetics who loves futuristic applications, you may know the Platform-tools and know what you can do. If not, this guide will help you download the latest version of the SDK Platform Tools.

The SDK platform-tools are among the most prominent methods by which you can install various features on your Android phone. Like new types of customization or add new skin in the interface settings.

The Android ecosystem may look effortlessly customizable due to several themes, launcher, custom settings. But you can go one step further to customize your device.

What is Platform Tools?

In simple words, the Platform Tools is the part of the SDK manager that provides some of the Android Studio’s basic-tier features.

Although the whole application is quite big and to counterpart, Google introduces this tool, which is relevantly small in size yet efficiently helps you flash files and grant features of Fastboot and ADB files.

It works to runs command lines for a primary rebooting, adding custom recovery, unlocking bootloader, and perform many more exciting nerd things on your phone.

Earlier, when the official application was not released. At that time, you have to download the SDK manager or Android Studio files, which cost around 1.5 GB for just grabbing Fastboot and ADB’s resources.

Now, all those things become convenient since Google developed a smaller package in which you can perform tweaks mention above and even get regular updates according to the new Android model, which is pretty great.


This application size is pretty small, but even after that, you will get all the essential things from rooting to developing the internal settings of your Android phone.

The general usage is to command the under-developing software as well as rooting Android devices. And usually, this tool directly helps you to unlock essential components of the bootloader of any device.

Compare to the 3rd party ADB application. The Google-designed application makes sure that your phone should stay secure and give a little bit of ease of use. Besides that, it comes with regular basis updates.

Users can extract old data, add ROMs, turn on bootloader mode, flash TWRP, and get better control over the phone’s internal partition by runs few commands.

It is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems and can also get the latest firmware update first-handly.

Download Platform Tools

If you want to get into a new world of customization and love to use overclocking methods and to save battery life, then the first thing you need is the Platform Tools. This tool is the core part, enabling your phone to unlock the bootloader and install a custom recovery.

Android SDK Platform Tools


Version: 30.0.4

Size: 8.0 MB

How to Use Platform Tools

Google made it very simple and straightforward for those who want to use the ADB command prompt and run some commands to tweak with their android devices. You can use the platform tool for various things like fast booting, adding TWRP custom recovery, and much more stuff.

According to the relevant operating system, you can get it for Linux, Windows, and Mac. Besides, there’s no need to worry about the steps.

For installation, press on the given link. Now, Extract the file and navigate it to the C drive to your desired location. You can also put this application on download, D drive, Desktop, or anywhere else you want.

Once you unzip the folder to the desired location, go ahead and press the Right Click+ Right shift in the blank space inside that particular folder and then click on the Windows Powershell to open the command prompt. To go fancy, enter “cmd” in the search bar, letting you directly enter the command prompt window.


This application is one for all solutions that will help you get tremendous privileges of customization and depth root setting with deep enhance in the system partition. Plus, it also aids in adding tweaks to adjust the interface according to your wish.

The assets of ADB driver and Fastboot features are the key aspect, which makes the bootloader software work simultaneous. It’s no wonder that it makes the process of installing TWRP pretty smoothly, and you can Root Any Android phone by flashing Magisk zip for personal ecosystem.

We hope this guide will help you to install Platform Tools. If you are stuck somewhere or have any doubts, let us know in the comment section.

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