SP Flash Tool Latest Version For MediaTek 2022

Are you looking for a method to install the SP flash tool in 2022? If yes, you have come across the right place to obtain an easy-to-read guide and a complete walkthrough.

Despite that offer, if you are in a rush, we also have provided the download link in the following section so that you can easily grab the tool and start the flashing.

Now that you are here, I assume you didn’t know how SP flash tool works. Will it brick my device? Where do I find the scatter file? Worry not. We have covered everything.

There are several doubts in your mind right now, isn’t that right? Once you follow the post, you will understand everything and flash different firmware and custom ROMs.

All of that stuff arrives beneath the umbrella of rooting the phone since you require to install several standalone applications and software to get appealing traits eventually.

With those features, you can access the system kernels and thoroughly transform the interior features to create a personalized experience interface that works at your wish.

Besides this, there are tons of unique things that you can perform once you have that power, but beware that rooting any android phone comes with its own downsides.

Let’s understand what SP flash tool working is? Let’s start the journey to seize the primary info about the tool.

What is SP Flash Tool?

The SP in the SP flash tool stands for the Smartphone, where like most flash toolkits, it provides flashing features from which users will receive a channel to install ROMs.

This tool is designed for the Mediatek chipset and requires the Mediatek IC device to apply the flashing commands without hassle throughout the root or unbrick process.

Usually, it becomes easier to flash files from third-party apps like SP that grant robust innovations. Since the hard part is completed, and you can click a few buttons to flash.

Hence, you don’t have to perform a difficult tasks. Flashing custom ROMs becomes easy, and you can install them as much you desire to experience different settings.

So, if you don’t like the firmware’s boring ecosystem and the obsolete features, you can downgrade or upgrade the firmware structure that meets your requirements.

Besides this, you can combine features and unroot the device if you want the original settings back. So, let’s visit the features section to understand more info about this tool.


Install Custom Recovery

Applying custom recovery on the system permits users to flash different custom ROMs and add new features to the device. You can also check out TWRP custom recovery.

Flash System Firmware

If you are bored with the system setting and required to try different custom firmware, you can apply it to flash third-party firmware, but it has a few flaws, so choose wisely.

Backup files precisely

When you are rooting any android device, you have to take the full backup since you didn’t know the uncertain factors that might brick the device, be aware of that too.

Unbrick phone easily

If the device is stuck in the bootloop and brick the phone, you can correct that problem with the sp flash tool because this tool allows users to flash the old system firmware.

Download SP Flash Tool For MediaTek

We all know that chipset markers like Mediatek don’t release the kernel information, so we have to rely upon the third-party apps that give us the hope to flash different traits on our device. The following part will aid in downloading this SP tool accurately.

How to Use SP Flash Tool For MediaTek

Disclaimer: The Magisk Update is not responsible or accountable for any mishap. Follow the upcoming method at your own risk and we expect that you have already taken the backup. During the process, make sure to untick the preloader.bin to avoid issues.

Step 1 – Get the drivers and tools

  • Grab the latest version of the Mediatek driver to perform everything smoothly.
  • Find the stock firmware of your device on the internet and download the zip file.
  • Download and install the flash tool software on the computer and extract it.
  • Now, enter into the extracted folders and head toward the flash_tool.exe file.

Step 2 – Prepare the Scatter-file to upload

  • Inside the software, press on the choose section of the scatter-location file.
  • Navigate to the file location, click on the scatter txt stock firmware file part.
  • Tap on Open afterward unticks the Preloader options to avoid brick issues.
  • Lastly, you have to press the Download button to initiate the process safely.

Note: In the right section, makes sure that option is set to the Download only option.

Step 3 – Flash firmware on the phone

  • Turn off the device, connect the USB cable, and join the other end by the PC. Now, press the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons to detect the phone.
  • Once the tool detects the device, the automated process starts on the screen.
  • The process takes a few minutes to finish, and the Green tick pop-up will arrive.
  • Finally, disconnect the device, close the tool, and enjoy the stock ROM features.

Note: You can also apply similar way custom ROMs, except you require downloading and installing the MediaTek USB-VCOM drivers to arrange the custom ROMs features.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- Does the SP flash tool need an internet connection?

Ans. Yes, the tool required a stable internet connection to download all the additional resources, tools, drivers, stock ROMs, custom ROMs, recovery, and many more things.

Q- What if the SP flash tool couldn’t detect my phone?

Ans. There are several instances where the users can’t detect their devices. In that situation, you can tap on the Volume Up button until the flashing process is complete.

Q- Why should I use the MTK SP flash tool for flashing?

Ans. This tool is specifically designed for the Mediatek chipset powered by the android device, so it becomes the best choice because you will quickly start flashing ROMs.

Q- How do I flash a stock ROM?

Ans. Find the stock ROM, install & extract the sp flash tool, enter the scatter file, turn off the device, connect with the USB cable and the PC, start the process to flash ROM.

Q- Is the SP flash tool download entirely free?

Ans. This tool is 100% free to download, and with this setup, you can flash ROMs on any android phone, root device, flash custom recovery, add powerful traits accurately.

Q- Where do I find the scatter file?

Ans. You will find the .txt file in the recently downloaded stock ROM or custom ROM folder. Besides, you can navigate to the download location to search the scatter file.

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