Android Multi Tools v1.02b Latest Version 2022

Are you looking for a method to get android multi tools that provide access to remove the PIN and face unlock? Or you have reset your device forget the email password?

Not to worry about anything because you won’t be overwhelmed by those problems. But if you know everything and how to use it, download the tool from the below section.

Now that you are not tempted by downloading the direct link. Thus, you have plans to understand the entire process to utilize this tool to the utmost potential accurately.

You have landed in the right place because you will get the dedicated guide that will provide the proper access to the handset system, and you accomplish several things.

You might already know how to add customization innovations by rooting any android phone and unlocking different segments to generate personalized interface features.

Following, you will flash custom ROMs precisely and change the system according to your need, but sometimes the system data might be wiped out during the process.

In that situation, if you weren’t able to remember the password PIN or Pattern or the factory reset protection rules have been triggered, then you require this tool support.

Besides this, you can also find information about the hardware and software section, while it’s necessary to understand what android multi tools are and why it is needed!

What is Android Multi Tools?

Android multi tools will render many tweaks and an array of duties that enables users to perform numerous things that usually require many standalone apps or software.

Besides this, the tool can be considered a one-stop-all solution if you are looking for a method to remove the PIN, pattern, face unlock so that you can enter into your device.

On the other hand, this tool also comes in handy when the phone goes into the FRP loop, while you can also clean up cache, reset device, boot in the fastboot mode, etc.

Furthermore, if you are a tech enthusiast, you might also dream of creating a personal interface that works according to your desire and changing the internal settings freely.

Moreover, this tool will also help you in some way or another since you have to run the fastboot command to apply the rooting privileges through the magisk manager file.

Now that you have understood the primary working of this application. Let’s have a chat about the core features of this tool that will assist you in the upcoming journey.


Upgrade/Downgrade firmware

Many smartphone makers reduce the performance by upgrading the firmware. With this tool, you can quickly update or downgrade the stock firmware to improvise the UI.

Remove FRP lock

You won’t originate the android ecosystem unless you have synced Gmail account detail due to FRP lock. But the tool can help in removing that lock in a hassle-free way.

One-click Reset

Usually, you have to follow a lengthy process to factory reset your device. It includes entering into the boot menu and more, while this tool will allow you to reset directly.

Fastboot options

For the rooting purpose, you will frequently need the help of fastboot commands to apply custom img files. Here, you will obtain options to enter and exit fastboot mode.

Download Android Multi Tools v1.02b

Do you also have a plan to flash custom recovery and install different ROMs into your device? Yes, you are! First, you will need several standalone software and apps that will offer rooting features. You will also need the android multi tools that allow you to reset the device, remove security features, etc., so download the latest version below.

How to Use Android Multi Tools On Windows

Disclaimer: The magisk update is not accountable for any accident. Take a backup before starting the process and download the latest version to avoid any problems.

Complete the Pre-Requirements:

  • First, you require a Windows operating system (7,8,10,11) laptop or computer.
  • Stable internet connection to download and install the necessary tools setup.
  • The USB cable will interlink your device to the respective computer/laptop OS.
  • Charge the device more than 60% to perform the following speeds hassle-free.

Step 1 – Unlock the developer mode

  • First and foremost, you have to open the developer mode, head to the settings.
  • In the settings menu option, move toward the About phone section and enter it.
  • Next, you have to tap on the build number of your phone more than 8-times.
  • Now, search for developer mode, enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging.

Step 2 – Download and install the tools

  • Download and install the latest version of the android multi tools setup exe.
  • Go to the download folder and follow the steps to finish installing the setup.
  • Put the phone into the fastboot mode if you want to run some commands.
  • Connect your device through the USB cable and other ends to the computer.

Note: If you want to run the fastboot command smoothly, install the Platform tools.

Step 3 – Do anything you want to

  • Run the tool as the administrator to start the application without any hassle.
  • This tool will ask for a few permissions, allow them to continue the process.
  • Inside the software, you can select any option that you want to perform first.
  • Besides this, you can download the phone’s drivers and wipe data as well.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- Is android multi tools safe?

Ans. The tool unlocks several options as opening the fastboot mode, wiping internal data, removing the pin lock, and many more, and is safe to run on any android phone.

Q- What is android multi tools?

Ans. The tool works as a standalone app for various tools. It offers options that allow users to unlock the FRP lock, run the fastboot command, and work swiftly everywhere.

Q- How to install the android multi tools?

Ans. In this post, we have covered the easiest method to install this tool, and you will receive the latest version that will assist you in opening up numerous locks accurately.

Q- What is android multi tools pattern unlocker?

Ans. This tool holds the power to remove the pin, gesture, face unlocks features, and with that, you can also remove the pattern unlock of your phone in a trouble-free way.

Q- How to download android multi tools for Windows?

Ans. You require a stable internet connection and any Windows computer (7,8,10,11), anyone will work out. Moreover, you can download the latest version of this article.

Q- What do android multi tools do?

Ans. The tools perform several things in the android device from boot into the fastboot mode to check internal hardware and software settings while restarting in one click.

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