How to Root Android Phone Without PC

Are you looking for how to root android phone without pc? The first thing you want to achieve once you unlock those rooting privileges; is custom ROM features, right!

You can have different motives and reasons for rooting that badly in 2021 since most smartphone makers are rendering unparalleled customization features only for you.

But the question arises whether to attain those fascinating privileges or not! If you are here, you have made your mind to take further steps and risks of this method.

This post covered a guide on how to root android phone without pc since most plans require the setup to access the essential fastboot command, but this didn’t need it.

Apart from this, you can perform tons of different things once you have opened up the path for the privileges while entering the internal system files would be pretty simple.

Are you excited to unlock those fascinating things? Yes, you are! But before heading to that method, let’s first understand the basic knowledge about the root without delay.

What is Root?

Your phone usually runs on the Linux command, which is initially blocked for the users, as these permissions can take over the system, and the maker didn’t want that also.

But, the root access, on the other hand, renders the superuser features that permit you to enter into the system partition would worrying about any problem or hassle later.

In simple words, the root is the system directory that holds the power to control the data flow while providing administer privileges to modify internal settings as per wish.

With these features, you will receive access to the system settings and permission to change the internal files that how to root android phone without pc; it’s that easy.

However, things get dirty when you witness the system’s instability or even brick your device, and it’s unavoidable to understand the advantages and disadvantages now.

Advantages of Root Android Phone

Throw away Bloatware apps

From the stats, it’s shown that more than 60-percent of users only root their devices to remove the bloatware apps from the interface to create a stock Android experience.

Overclock the processing cores

Besides this, there are varieties of features and functions that you can loosen; one of them is overclocking that will enhance the CPU processing capability to some extend.

Customized ROMs and Settings

You can flash any custom ROMs to produce a personalized interface without trouble, and changing the system setting and implementing new elements in UI becomes easy.

Change Firmware Files

Those magnificent features allow you to replace the original stock firmware file with the custom one. Moreover, you can also improve the overall appearance and interface.

Disadvantages of Root Android Phone

No Future Updates

The rooting features might sound exciting and all, but the phone will fall into the trap that they won’t get the constant security and system update as the vital downside.

Vulnerable to malware/virus

Typically, the phone is covered with the system firewall settings, but once the door of the root access opens, the core security factors become defenseless in front of viruses.

Warranty violation issue

Installing custom recovery is considered a violation of the warranty, but adding root features and customization to your phone will eliminate the warranty benefits wholly.

Unstable UI expreince

There’s always a constant risk factor around the rooting in which bootloop and brick issues could become general if you aimlessly change the system settings in no time.

How to Install TWRP Without Using PC

  • First and foremost, download the TWRP file that runs smoothly for your device.
  • Afterward, unlock the bootloader settings to access over better connectivity.
  • For this process, you will require a secondary phone in which you have to install the Bugjaeger ADB app, OTG cable to join the phone in the fastboot mode.
Magisk Update
  • Now, put the primary phone into fastboot mode by Volume Up + Power button.
  • Next, Connect with OTG using the USB cable, then wait till the device connect.

Note: Double-check if you have installed the TWRP file on your phone to be sure!

  • In the secondary phone, enter into the ADB app and tap on the flash option.
Magisk Update
  • Add command – fastboot devices – your device will appear on the screen.
  • Type the second command – fastboot flash recovery – type it correctly because a single mistake can cause massive damage, then click on the attach file icon.
Magisk Update
  • Navigate to the exact TWRP file location and select that flashable file first.
  • Now, touch on the play button that will inception the flashing procedure.
  • Wait till everything ends safely—Reboot the phone and enter in the TWRP.

How to Root Android Phone Without PC

The question that would have occurred in your thought is how to root android phone without pc is possible since it is required to run commands; TWRP is the right solution.

  • After flashing the TWRP custom recovery, it’s time to download the magisk zip.
  • Start the custom recovery by pressing the Volume Up + Power button combo.
  • Tap on the install choice in the Team Win Recovery Project, as shown below.
Magisk Update
  • Reach the Magisk zip location in the internal storage and tap on the exact file.
Magisk Update
  • Next, you have to swipe right to initiate the flashing process once again try.
  • Lastly, reboot the device and enjoy the exciting root privileges on your phone.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q- How to install TWRP without using a PC?

Ans. Instead of using a PC, you can use a secondary device to run the ADB command in the ADB tool app and quickly install the TWRP flashable zip on your primary phone.

Q- Will Rooting my phone erase data?

Ans. Rooting your phone won’t erase your data; instead, it will create a few temporary files, but you will lose your precious data if you somehow mess up the rooting process.

Q- How to Root Android Phone Without PC?

Ans. A device that can achieve root access without a computer is possible if the user has unlocked the bootloader and installed the TWRP or any other custom recovery.

Q- What happens if I root my phone?

Ans. The root access presents new possibilities for the phone; as it unlocks the admin level privileges, the users can change the system settings according to their wish.

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