How to Unlock bootloader on Motorola Phones

Hello friends, are you searching for Unlock bootloader on Motorola Phones? If yes, then you are at the right place.

If you want to achieve the tremendous asset of rooting privileges from boost performance to sleek customization over the system. Then, this article will guide you to the simple way from which you can get those immersive assets.

For that, you need to unlock bootloader on Motorola phones, and then after, you can move one step further to receive the rooting configuration on your Android. But before that, let’s have a quick overview of what is the bootloader.

What is bootloader?

Like most of the system software, it’s a bunch of codes that aid to runs the system despite it more like the internal power button from which energy supply to the all external part. It can also be said as the powerhouse of the phone.

It basically runs the command when you hit the power button, and each smartphone company designs the code according to their brand. However, the Motorola bootloader opening theme looks quite precise and robust.

More than that, makers usually locked the bootloaders to decease the vulnerability from malware and virus that can severely affect your phone settings, and in the worst case, can make your android device a brick within few seconds.

But, if you properly follow the given guide so that your phone won’t get any particular damage to start with, and you can easily unlock bootloader on Motorola phones since the company initiatives to produce an open-source for developers.

Why unlock bootloader?

A typical reason for why you should unlock bootloader on Motorola phones is that you definitely want the rooting privilege on your smartphone. For enhancing the essential aspect of your phone by adding custom ROMs and apply modification in the system files to expand the limitation of your Andriod device.

After Unlock bootloader on Motorola phones, you can check your newly developed application from different views and improvise on them. Plus, there are several other tweaks you perform to how the application work in different scenarios.

If you are tech aesthetic, you can boost the performance through overclocking and decrease the battery consumption by directly killing the background application. Above that, rooting your phone would become more convenient.

Advantage of Unlock bootloader

Install Custom Recovery and apply Root

The first thing you should try after unlock bootloader on Motorola phones is flash custom recovery such as TWRP to root your phone and maximum performance and battery stats. In addition to that, there are lots of scopes to improve others.

Having a rooted phone also renders loads of customization options over the system partition settings and further can remove bloatware applications permanently from the system files, which eventually make a clean interface android ecosystem.

Add different types of modules

From advanced tweaks such as overclocking to famous mobile launcher skins, you can get all to make your personalized android experience. After that, there’s no doubt that you stand out from the average Andriod smartphone users.

Developer-friendly interface

Even after enabling the Developer mode, you can’t achieve most of the checking features by going professional way. For that, you have unlocked bootloader on Motorola phones, and after that, you can unlock advanced features.

Disadvantage of Unlock bootloader

Warranty violates

Everything is good even after unlocking the bootloader until you add any custom ROM on your phone or install your developed application. It’s more likely to violate the warranty policy of the phone moreover if your phone is damaged.

Security and Privacy issue

The bootloader is like security barries that didn’t let malware and virus across the border of your phone’s internal partition. But after unlocking bootloader on Motorola phones, the phone will become more vulnerable in front of viruses and lags.

Completely wipe out the internal data

As the process of unlocking the bootloader complete, the entire phone data will be factory reset, and from that point, you can’t retain your lost data. But, if you take a backup beforehand, everything should fine.

Steps to Unlock bootloader on Motorola Phones

Step-1 Enable OEM unlocking and USB debugging

  • First, you have to enter into developer mode and go to the internal settings; click on the about phone option and continuously press the build number
  • Now that you have become the developer, once again, go through the settings menu >> developer settings >> enable USB debugging with OEM unlocking

Note – Make sure to take a complete backup of your data.

Step -2 Install ADB driver and run Fastboot commands

  • Connect your phone to the PC via USB cable. I’m assuming you have already download the required ADB driver, if not install from our guide
  • In the computer, inside the ADB folder, press shift with right-click in the empty and then enter in the PowerShell windows option
  • There you have to insert the input – “ADB devices” to check whether the phone is properly connected after hitting enter
  • Next, input – “ADB reboot bootloader” and hit Enter. From this point onward, the phone automatically reboots
  • Again input – “fastboot device” to see whether you’re in fastboot mode.
  • Finally to get the code input – “fastboot oem get_unlock_data”, Press enter

Step -3 Logging to website

  • Now that you have the key go to the official website of Motorola and sign up
  • Copy unique key, which we have made in a new format, and placed it in the dialogue box. Same as the given below
  • It will take a few moments to verify your code and after verification complete, click on the agreement on terms and condition option
  • Now hit the “Request Unlock Key” option. After a while, you will receive a mail on the registration email. Open it up and Copy that code in the same txt file

Step -4 Re-enter in the command section

  • Once again, input – “fastboot OEM unlock (code)” in the (code) section insert the code that you received in the email. And then press on the enter
  • If something like this appears on the computer screen – unlocked successfully!
  • Restart the phone, and a warning sign should be seen on the screen. It means that you have unlocked bootloader

Congrats, you have done it! Enjoy customization for now onwards.


That all you need to do to unlock bootloader on Motorola phones. We know that process long and will take some time to complete. But, your labour fruit will be fascinating as it will grant you customization features.

Now that you have unlocked the bootloader, you can install TWRP recovery and install magisk zip to Root Android phones and enjoy its features. As parting words, please don’t hesitate to put down a query in the comment section.

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