How to Unlock bootloader on Realme Phones

Hello friends, are you searching for Unlock bootloader on Realme Phones? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Realme is a versatile brand that provides several amazing smartphones for each price segment and renders premium features with its Realme UI interface settings. But, you can move one step further in terms of customization.

All they need is an in-depth application, and they are ready to unlock the bootloader. But if you didn’t want your phone to become a brick, please follow the below mentioned guide to install the application properly, and later on, unlocking process.

Those companies allow users to unlock bootloader on Realme phones, making everything convenient for average users since users didn’t need to find third party applications to unlock the bootloader.

This article will lead you to unlock bootloader on Realme phones, and then after, you can root your android device to get the fascinating rooting privilege on your smartphone. So without any further ado, let’s begin!!!

What is Bootloader?

The bootloader is a key aspect that starts work when the power turns on, and it’s more like the BIOS of the computer that checks everything in the system to accurately runs the system files to whether there’s malware in the system or not.

After checking all the things, the phone finally starts once again. You can boot your phone by entering the booting pattern while the handset completes the bootloader codes and scans the system. Enter in the Safe boot mode.

Each company designs its bootloader according to its system partition and gives accordingly features to hard reset to soft reset. A few grant access to unlock the bootloader on their phones and one of them is Realme.

Why Unlock bootloader?

In simple terms, without unlocking the bootloader, you can achieve the rooting privilege or install custom ROMs on your Android device. But, after opening the lid, you can experience the cutting edge features of the Root Android phones.

Not to mention, you can easily unlock bootloader on Realme phones and customize the interface to its ultimate potential. You can also download third-party applications, firmware, and software to root your handset.

You can look forward to flashing custom firmware on your handset afterward and even can change the interface setting according to your preference. As well as, you can get rid of that useless bloatware.

Now, let’s have a quick look over the things you could after unlocking the bootloader on Realme phones and what you will lose.

Advantage of Unlock bootloader

Add new tweaks to the phone

The open bootloader gives you a chance to roam around the outside of your phone interface by add new software images onto your system partition. You can also flash custom ROMs to improvise the personalized experience.

Install a Custom recovery system

Custom Recoveries are required to install the custom ROMs, and after unlocking the bootloader, you can install different types of custom recovery according to your phone model. But, we recommend you to download TWRP since it’s popular.

Cope up with Rooting privilege

As I mentioned earlier, you can run several amazing tweaks on your phone but all the customization way somehow connected to Rooting your phone. To get the rooting privileges, first, you need to unlock the bootloader of your Realme phone.

Remove bloatware and make your device compatible

In a typical case, you will notice some bloatware in the Realme UI skin here and there. With an unlocked bootloader coupled with root, the phone will get rid of those useless applications for you and make your device compatible machine.

Disadvantage of Unlock bootloader

Secure and privacy will deplete

The bootloader is like a filter than scans virus and malware from the system software and grants a clean interface. But, after removing that, the phone can’t guarantee any privacy and security measures. Also, the maker’s OTAs will stop.

Despite the fact, you will definitely get an OTA update unless you add custom firmware or apply root on your phone after unlocking bootloader on Realme phones.

A single mistake can give a huge blow

There aren’t any potential threat after triggering the unlock procedure of the bootloader. But, you have to stay on guard because a single mistake can cause a big problem for your smartphone ecosystem. So, make sure you read the step carefully.

Steps to Unlock bootloader On Realme Phones

Before getting ready for the unlocking process, I would like to remind you that your data will completely wipe out from the system files after unlock bootloader on Realme phones. So, make sure to take a backup.

  • For smooth unlocking, do make sure that your phone fueled enough (around 70% or above would be great). Now, go to the settings menu
  • Scroll down to enter in the About Phone settings there you have press the Build number until a pop-up of your are now developer appear on the screen
  • Hit the back button, and go to the additional settings >> Developer mode. Now you have to enable the “OEM unlocking” and “USB debugging” option
  • Download In-depth Test APK and install it on your phone. It won’t start to download unless permitted to download from an unknown source
  • In the application, press on the “Start Applying” and then read the warning carefully. Hit the agree to terms and conditions option and click on the “Submit Application”
  • The application will take around 15-minute prior time to check review the details of your phone. Meanwhile, you can see your application status from the “query application status”
  • Afterward, when the process is complete, press on the “Start In-depth Test” to put your phone in the fastboot mode
  • Connect your phone to the PC using USB cable, and install the Platform Tools. You can download it from our guide
  • In platform tool, folder press Shift with Right-click on an unoccupied space and then go to Window Powershell setting
  • To check whether your phone is connected to the PC, Enter the command line “fastboot devices” – It will show that your device is connected or not
  • Input the command line- “fastboot flashing unlock” to unlock the bootloader. Now on the screen, select the first one by pressing “volume up” key

You have complete the process and perfectly unlock bootloader on Realme phones. Now, enjoy the next level customization features.


Unlike other smartphone manufacturers, Realme gives the ability to unlock the bootloader for development purposes. You can also install custom ROMs or add custom made recoveries to root your Android device through Magisk Zip.

Anyway, We hope that you can unlock the bootloader of your smartphone. If you are facing something during the process, the comment section is yours. Tell us, what are your doubts, and We will quickly try to resolve your problem.

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