How to Unlock bootloader on Samsung Phones

Hello friends, are you searching for Unlock bootloader on Samsung Phones? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Every brand smartphone’s software system has a bootloader inside its system partition, which usually runs the codes and further initializes the starting process when you press the power button. Or if used to go to the safe boot mode as well.

Like all smartphone companies, Samsung itself comes with a locked bootloader that can be unlocked. And on top of that, it is quite convenient to unlock bootloader on Samsung phones compared to other Android devices since you didn’t need to go through lots of technicalities.

In this article, I will share the easiest and best guide from which you can quickly unlock the bootloader of your Samsung device. More than that, this method is applicable for almost every Samsung smartphone that currently available.

Are you ready to understand who you can unlock the bootloader? I know you are. So, without any further wait, let’s head toward your desire and get those rooting privileges. But before, let’s have a quick chat over the bootloader and what it does.

What is bootloader?

The first step taken inside the phone is by the bootloader’s codes, which are design to work in two ways. The first is to open the phone in the usual way, and another one is for safe boot mode that requires the fast booting pattern.

During the booting process, the bootloader command lines scan the whole system partition and check whether something is missing or not. If there’s nothing wrong, it will give a big fast thumbs up to the system and start the phone.

Like most smartphones, the Samsung device also locked their handset bootloader so that users didn’t face any issue during their usage because the bootloader is the security breach that closes the gateways for the malware virus.

But if users want to root your android phone, users first need to unlock bootloader on Samsung phones. Afterward, they can move ahead one step closer to getting fantastic rooting privileges for sure. Plus, users can add custom ROM’s, Custom Recoveries, and many more things.

Why Unlock bootloader?

The single reason to unlock bootloader on Samsung phones is to unleash the rooting privileges powers and expand the different aspects of ability several folds. Plus, there are several other varieties of reasons as well, which are related to rooting.

From the vast majority of regular users, we heard that their smartphone configuration didn’t provide the performance they want to, or is it customization ability that didn’t render vivid features.

All these things can be solved after unlock bootloader on Samsung phones by adding custom firmware. Make sure that you didn’t go overboard with those modules because the aftermath could be lethal for your Samsung device.

Anyway, let’s grasp the pros and cons to understand what things you should not do after unlock bootloader on Samsung phones.

Advantage of Unlock bootloader

Flash various types of Custom ROMs

You can go offbeat from the other android users and want to shine in your friend circle. Then, you need to try flash custom ROM on your device. There are a variety of unique ROMs feasible in the market from which you can change interface features.

Other than that, many applications provide extensively advanced tweaks to improve battery life, CPU speed, and several other internal features.

Install Root files and Custom Recovery

First, unlock bootloader on Samsung phones. So, Later on, you can effortlessly come outside of the system barriers. And at the same time, you can install root zip like Magisk or install TWRP recovery to flash various custom firmware in your handset.

Make your device a compatible machine

In a low-end smartphone, even after cleaning internal storage, you can reach the desired performance mand chances to face lag from time to time. But after unlocking the bootloader, you can run numerous incompatible applications.

Disadvantage of Unlock bootloader

Privacy and security slightly decrease

The security wall can breach now by malware and virus but usually never happen unless you add something malicious software in the software settings. Due to malware, you may face distortion in performance to some extend.

Moreover, the warranty of your phone breaks will violate after unlock bootloader on Samsung phones.

Steps to Unlock bootloader On Samsung Phones

The unlocking process will delete your phone’s entire data, so make sure to backup, and it’s also worth mentioning that if you didn’t follow the step to unlock your bootloader. You may end with a boot loop.

  1. After backing up data, open the setting application >> About phone >> Software information. In the list, click on the “Build Number” option
  2. It will enable the developer mode. Once again, go to the settings menu and scroll down to the bottom. There you will find the “Developer Mode” Press it
  3. Enable the “OEM unlocking” and scroll down to enable the “USB debugging” phone settings. Then turn off the Samsung handset
  4. Press the “Volume up” and “Volume Down” button to enter the fastboot mode; wait till the logo didn’t appear
  5. Now, you need the original USB cable to attach your phone to the computer. The phone needs to connect during entering into the fastboot simultaneously
  6. Press the “Volume Up” button for around 2-3 seconds to enter the unlock mode. Once again, hit the “Volume Up” button confirm
  7. Afterward, your Samsung handset will reboot, and the bootloader will unlock


There are different scopes after unlock bootloader on Samsung phones since you can download the TWRP and then Magisk file to Root Android phones. And get rid of the boring Android interface with a more personalized platform.

So, there you have it, now install custom ROMs as much as you want and improvise the interface settings. If you have any doubts or you stuck somewhere during the step, please let us know in the comment section. We will gladly answer your doubts.

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