Download Camera2API Enabler Magisk Module

Hi there, techolic people! Are you looking for ways to improve the image processing quality of the native camera app? If yes, you have landed at the exact destination.

You may have heard of the Gcam( Google camera port) during the tech-enthusiast journey; it’s a camera app that is entirely designed solely for the Google Pixel device.

But, users face problems most time that the Gcam crash whenever they enter into the app since the basic issue is that apps are not customized for your phone accurately.

In that case, the Camera2API Enabler magisk module comes out pretty handly as it helps your rooted device to create an almost perfect ecosystem for Gcam to work.

What is Camera2API Enabler?

You have already understood the basics from the above. But in brief, the Camera2API Enabler software works. So camera API becomes capable enough to run Gcam well.

This driver is usually available for Android 5+ OS devices and enhances the overall customization features of focus, shutter speed, and software rendering to any extent.

If you want to achieve the impressive photography experience, too, you must need to check out the latest Camera2API Enabler magisk module to get accurate results.

Download Camera2API Enabler Magisk Module

Grab the latest version of Camera2API software and improve the selfie-snapping to the next level. Attain impressive options to customize videos as much as you want!

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Last UpdatedAugust 9, 2021

You can also download and install the latest Camera2API Module from Magisk App.


Blend Natural Colors

As the essential factor of the Gcam, you will attain immersive color rendering through the software department, which will grant you crisp saturation results in every snap.

Render More Details

You will notice a pretty drastic variation in the details when you switch from the stock camera app to the Gcam port as it improvises details into multiple folds in an instant.

Works Systemlessly

Like most modules, the Camera2API provides exciting and technical features without interfering with the system partition while rendering quite subtle support in the end.

Advance AI Software

Whether it’s about exposure, optical image stabilization, or looking for HDR+ support, you will receive all of that mind-blowing things through the advanced camera app.

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