How to Fix Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found on iOS and Android

Are you an enthusiastic gamer playing Pokemon Go and want to fix Pokemon Go GPS signal not found on iOS and Android? If that’s true, you’re at the correct place.

Pokemon Go is a very popular game for both Android and iOS devices, working through your device’s GPS to find a range of most incredible Pokemons around your city.

But, most of the time, global gamers get stuck in this error called Pokemon Go GPS signal not found without any apparent reason.

If you’re also the one searching for the method to eliminate this interrupting error and play Pokemon Go without a hitch, let’s acknowledge this error first.

What is Pokemon Go GPS Signal?

If you are a binge anime streamer and have streamed the Pokemon series amidst your prime streaming, it’s hard to resist playing Pokemon Go on the smartphone.

So virtually, the Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not found error is based on the Location services. Pokemon Go GPS Signals are the location signals available on your device.

If there would come any problems with your phone’s GPS servers, that would directly impact Pokemon Go GPS signals and, consequently, show this error on your screen.

Methods to Fix Pokemon Go GPS Signal Not Found

If you’ve hooked to this fantastic Pokemon Go game, you must once have dealt with this error called Pokemon go GPS signal not found at least once. Time to eliminate this error using any below method.

Method 1 – Restarting the game

First, start this hustle with the most simplistic approach, i.e., Restarting the Pokemon Go game. You must be thinking of any link between game restart and GPS error, right?

The game is developed with thousands of codes and includes hundreds of hidden processes. All these processes get stopped after closing this game and all these critical processes get started while restarting the game.

It would feel a bit complex and absurd at first but must try restarting the game, as it helped thousands of gamers eliminate this error.

Method 2 – Disabling and Enabling GPS

Let’s first deal with the actual conflict and eliminate the Pokemon GO GPS signal not found error. Yeah, we’re currently beginning to look at the Location services. On current method, we’ll manage the location services of the Android or iOS phone. 

It’s just a deal of a simple click, where you’ve to re-enable the GPS service. Later, try restarting the game and pass to the next method if you are still facing the same error.

Method 3 – Rebooting the device

The next approach to eradicate the error saying Pokemon Go GPS signal not found on your Pokemon Go starts with restarting your Android or iOS phone.

The Android restart will stop all the currently operating processes and initialize the processes from the beginning. In simple words, if any recently opened app is using location services, they would stop using it and leave space for Pokemon Go.

So this time, try restarting your Android or iOS smartphone by below steps.

  • Hold the power button of your smartphone.
  • Click the Reboot Now tab ASAP.
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  • Wait for a few minutes, and your phone will get rebooted.

Try playing the Pokemon Go app once again. Hopefully, your problem has got solved!

Method 4 – Reinstalling Pokemon Go game

If you’ve followed all the above three methods one-by-one and still struggling with same problem, you can try this master step once. The following method works with reinstalling the Pokemon Go game installed on your phone.

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The reason behind reinstalling the app is that the error can get generated inside an old version or if that game version got bugs clung within. A hundred problems require a single resolution, Reinstall the game, and the problem will get solved naturally.

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Method 5 – Disable Mock locations in Developer Options (Android only)

The last method to eliminate the Pokemon go GPS signal not found error works only for Android smartphones. It goes with the developer options of your Android phone and requires simple steps as listed below.

  • Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  • Now, scroll down and search About phone. Click that section.
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  • Search the Build Number inside the About phone section
  • Click that Build Number seven times repeatedly.
1646157554408 100
  • Finally, you’ll get popped with a prompt saying You’re now a developer.
  • Get back to the Settings app section and scroll to search Developer Options.
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  • Open Developer Options, and search for Mock Locations toggle there.
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  • Shift that toggle, and click Disable on the next prompt. 

You’ve successfully disabled Mock Locations. Consequently, now it’s time to restart the app and enjoy Pokemon Go without the pokemon go GPS signal not found error.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to fix GPS Signal not found on Pokemon Go?

You can try several methods to fix the pokemon GO GPS signal not found error, and we’ve listed them all conveniently in the same article.

How to reset Location services on Android?

Resetting location services means the simple disabling and enabling of GPS toggle. You can reset location services either on the notification panel or in the Settings app.

What is GPS Signal on Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a casual Android game requiring your map to help you find the enormous pokemon creatures. Now, the GPS Signal inside Pokemon Go is your location service used by the game to navigate you towards incredible Pokemons.

What is the simplest way to fix pokemon go GPS signal not found?

We’ve found all the handiest ways to solve Pokemon go GPS signal not found error. Every method listed within this guide is simple and requires a leisurely procedure. Try them out to eliminate this error damn handily.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Go is a classic Android+iOS game and the one-and-only creation developed with the built-in GPS module. But, sometimes it faces the Pokemon Go GPS signal not found error on your phone’s screen. 

Not a big deal! From today, you can deal with this error conveniently using all the above-listed methods one-by-one, and enjoy Pokemon Go cheerfully.

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