How to Root Poco X2 Without PC [Working]

Are you waiting for astounding customization features that will unveil impressive skills for your phone? If yes, all you need to perform is the root Poco X2 procedure foremost.

In this post, you will attain the guide that will lead your way to unlock the fascinating privileges. So make sure to read it till the end to not face any problem in the later part.

Therefore, let’s head toward the primary specs section, where you will get understand knowledge about the software and tools required for the upcoming battleground.

This smartphone launched in the Indian market on 11th February 2020. Talking about camera sensor 64MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP quad primary setup. Snapdragon 730G processor power poco x2 with 6GB Ram and 128GB storage. The smartphone was coming— with 6.67 inches (16.94 cm) 120 Hz Refresh Rate, IPS LCD. We are moving to battery performance is 4500 mAh, USB Type-C Port with Fast Charging before starting the guide. Let’s understand what root is!

What is Root?

Root access is the internal data directory that entirely holds the users and application data in a definite and secure way. Usually, this portion is inaccessible to regular users.

What if I tell you that you can get the proper system access; It’s possible once you try to root your Android device; the privileges allow reaching beyond the boundaries.

On the contrary, you will found out some flaws, and you need to have an idea of what you are getting for what cause with that said, let’s head for the pros and cons.

Here are some Points to Remember while Rooting

  • Ensure your smartphone bootloader has unlocked. You can also follow our guide to unlocking the bootloader on any Xiaomi phone.
  • We recommend that your smartphone battery has been charged more than 40% because a lot of time required for the rooting procedure.

Advantage of Root Poco X2

You can’t implement impressive Custom ROMs with the typical interface settings. But, the rooted device can unlock every customization feature of your handset thoroughly.

You can apply elegant and distinct user interface settings when you’re bored with the usual features, with some freakish and different features you have never tried before.

Disadvantage of Root Poco X2

Some users find out that their smartphones didn’t work in the usual way as they used to be and performance drop issues can be frequently seen here and there meanwhile.

When you achieve the next level privileges, you also fail to take warranty traits as rooting violate smartphone maker’s policies. In some cases, it’s a massive drawback.

Magisk Update is not responsible for what happens to your phone. Do it at your own risk while carefully follow the guidelines and ask if you have any doubt regarding this matter. Download the correct TWRP according to your model.

How to Install TWRP Without Using PC

  • Install the essential tools and TWRP custom recovery to move swiftly in future.
  • Ensure to attain the latest version of the Magisk zip file using this guide, while the second thing you need to follow is the unlock bootloader section.
  • You will need a secondary phone, and you have to purchase an OTG cable so that the secondary device can work as the PC and run basic commands.
  • Download and install the Bugjaeger ADB application into your Android phone.
Magisk Update
  • Make sure that the secondary device also has enabled USB debugging.
  • Connect OTG into the secondary device while connecting the USB cable into the primary device. Plugin them accurately since everything depends on them.
  • In the primary device, apply the Power + Volume down buttons combo once.
  • From this combination, you will enter into the fastboot mode of your handset.

Note: I assume that you have download the respective TWRP file for your device!

  • Head toward the Bugjaeger ADB application and press on the flash option.
Magisk Update
  • You will notice the command prompt button in the below section of the screen.
  • Type command –fastboot devices – It will show that your device is connected.
Magisk Update
  • Type the second command –fastboot flash recovery– Make sure that you are entering the correct spelling, and after that, you have to attach the required file.
Magisk Update
  • Click on the attached file icon and navigate to the stored TWRP file location.
  • Once you tap on the flashable file, it will appear in the command prompt.
  • Now, press the play button to initialize the process of flashing the recovery.
  • Once everything ends safe and sound—disconnected the primary device and boot into the custom recovery mode through the Volume Up + Power buttons.

How to Root Poco X2 Using Magisk

  • You have likely obtained the flashable zip file from the above section, right?
  • Click on the Install section of the TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) screen.
Magisk Update
  • Navigate to the Magisk zip folder and open the file into the internal storage.
  • Once you will reach the file, tap on it while select storage starts to appear.
Magisk Update
  • Swipe right to complete the process. Afterward, reboot the device at last.
  • Congratulation, you have finally unlocked those fascinating root privileges.

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Thus, unlock the impressive customization world and attain the fully fledge rooting privileges that present you with tons of elegant features and functions set up on top.

Besides, you always require to be aware that the smartphone becomes brick if you didn’t comprehend the guide. Further, you can suggest your questions below section.

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