How to Root Samsung Galaxy J2 – Three Authentic Methods

Do you want to reach new heights in your smartphone settings? Kudos! Because you have come across a complete guide to root Samsung Galaxy J2.

Hi there, I hope you are doing well in your life. In this post, I have covered various ways in which applying rooting attributes on any Samsung device becomes a rather hassle-free task. Are you ready to unleash the true power of your phone? Yes, I’m ready!

But before you get started, you need to take care of a handful of things that contain the rooting downsides and pre-requirement for every process. Worry not about anything and simply stick to the end to root with Magisk, KingRoot, and many more!

With that said, let’s start with the basics of rooting and what it does!

What is Root?

Root is like a heart that pumps data in the different sections of the operating system. The primary work of the root directory is to store data from the system and apps.

Aside from this, a major portion of user data is also included. These data files can be accessed through the administer privileges. However, a normal user won’t earn those power in the first place nor did the smartphone company grant those permissions.

Why Root Samsung Galaxy J2?

Usually, the phone makers didn’t give the system entry due to security compromises, while at the same time, it hampers the overall smartphone limits into multiple folds.

But if you are looking for those superuser features that allow you to effortlessly enter into the system settings without hassle, first, you require complete root access. Apart from this, you apply modification in the interface layout using unique custom ROMs.

You will receive lots of exciting things compared to the factors covered in the above section, so let’s understand the advantages of rooting any Samsung phone.


In the following section, we will run down some of the interesting attributes of rooting any Samsung phone. With that said, let’s dive into the immersive information.

The smartphone settings and performance are predefined by the processing unit and the cloaking speed. But once you have rooted the device, you can easily boost up the overall performance aspect with software like overclocking for a better experience.

Usually, the adverts notification and bloatware apps are the primary reasons why you didn’t get a clean UI experience. If you desire a smooth interface, you can root.

In a general scenario, the users can’t do anything apart from disabling those apps and ads. But, they will come back in the upcoming updates, but with rooting traits, you can remove those annoying system apps without much hassle at all.


There’s no doubt that somethings things go south when you are rooting any android phone. So, It’s a good decision to grasp the drawback before applying the changes.

One of the major drawbacks of rooting any Samsung phone can lead to a blacklist for the upcoming security patch and android update if the device is eligible for that.

Besides, if you try to install the official update, there’s a high chance that the handset might crash during the process or even worst can happen to your device. It could lead to problems like bootloop and brick issues if you didn’t stay on the guard.

The performance aspect sometimes causes trouble and you won’t able to use your phone like you used to before. Some users point out that they are facing lags issues.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy J2?

You can use flashable zip options like Magisk and SuperSU to attain rooting attributes. Usually, you have unlocked the bootloader to flash those amazing functions.

On the other hand, there are three-party apps like KingoRoot and KingRoot which will provide those exciting system settings without any cost. You can choose anything that fits best according to your requirements and daily usage needs.

Before you move to apply the rooting aspect to your phone, we suggest reading the pre-requirement that contains essential information before you start any process.


  • Your Samsung phone needs to fuel more than 60% or above.
  • Get the USB cable to connect both the PC and smartphone.
  • Every method different zip file, software, apk, so download each.
  • Make sure to take complete data backup to avoid data loss.
  • Some processes require unlocking the bootloader settings.

Disclaimer: MagiskUpdate is not accountable for any loss, while we recommend you complete the requirement of each method before you get started for rooting.

Method#1: Root Samsung Galaxy J2 Using Magisk

If you want to experience root Android phones with ease, you should prefer using the magisk solution. With this, you will acquire a higher rooting success rate easily.

  • Firstly, download and extract your phone firmware zip.
  • Inside the folder, copy the AP file and transfer it to your phone.
  • Open the recently downloaded Magisk application first.
  • Tap on the Install Button and select a patch file option.
Magisk Update
  • Following this, navigate to the AP file location, click on it.
  • A new magisk.tar file will replace the AP file location, transfer that to PC.
Magisk Update
  • I hope that you have already extracted the Odin flash tool folder.
  • Open it and connect your phone using a USB cable (in download mode).
  • Next, you have to click on the AP and go to the magisk.tar file location.
Magisk Update
  • Also, disable Auto-reboot function, and finally, press on the Start.
  • After a moment, you have successfully rooted your Samsung phone.

Method#2: Root Samsung Galaxy J2 Using KingRoot

There’s no denying that you are searching for a procedure that can root any Samsung phone within a few minutes. In that situation, the KingRoot app can help you.

Follow the given instruction to easily apply those exciting privileges over your phone.

  • First of all, you need to grab the latest version of the KingRoot app.
  • Go to the official website of KingRoot and click on the download.
  • Make sure you have enabled download from unknown source settings.
  • Once you have completed the installation process, enter into the app.
Magisk Update
  • Click on the try Root button to initialize the rooting process.
Magisk Update
  • During this time, your phone might go through booting, so worry not.
  • After this, you can effectively enjoy those impressive rooting features.

Like other android applications, you have to download and install the KingRoot apk and follow the steps. But if you are looking for something different, try the next one.

Method#3: Root Samsung Galaxy J2 Using KingoRoot

Like the previous method, you can easily download and install the Kingo Root app over your phone and enjoy the next-level customization attribute without any ado.

Therefore, let’s begin the rooting process using the KingoRoot.

  • First and foremost, head to the official KingoRoot website via any browser.
  • Now, download the latest version of the KingoRoot for android phones.
  • Afterward, go to the download folder and start installing the app package.
  • Following this, you have to open the KingoRoot app to start rooting.
Magisk Update
  • Tap on the Root Button to begin the percentage stats procedure.
Magisk Update
  • With this, you can root any Samsung phone using the KingoRoot apk.

You can also confirm the root access status using the root checker app. Simply bring it from the Google Playstore to confirm everything once and for all. On the other hand, if you facing any problems with applying this method, you can try out your phone.

Final Verdict

Bingo! You have completed the walkthrough to root Samsung Galaxy J2 in which we have covered different methods to root Samsung devices without any hassle.

On the other hand, if your mind is stuck somewhere between any guide/method, do let us know in the following comment section about it thoroughly to get a solution ASAP.

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