How to Root OnePlus 10 Without PC [OFFICIAL]

Are you looking for a method to root OnePlus 10? Drums Roll! You have reached the right place to receive a dedicated guide to unlock those impressive features easily.

In this post, we have covered everything from the software toolkit to standalone apps so that you won’t face any trouble rooting your phone, even if you are a newbie.

You can perform numerous things once you have attained those fascinating benefits and access the system kernel file without any intervention from the device makers.

In general, users root their devices to unlock the true potential of their smartphones, but most of the companies don’t allow the consumer to perform that in the first place.

Because the company will lose control over the handset, and that’s what you desire precisely! Otherwise, then endless customization is one of the prominent causes for rooting.

Are you excited to know more about rooting and how you can achieve those great traits over your phone? Worry not. Follow the next paragraph for more information!

What is Root?

In computer language terms, the root is the source of internal data where everything is stored, it can be considered the internal storage, but it works in the RAM section.

Usually, the root directory is bonded with administer privileges that are essential if you want to unlock superuser features over your phone. That’s why users root devices.

You can gain rooting attributes or administer access to change interface settings. But there are a few consequences and valuable things about rooting. Let’s have a look!

Advantages of Rooting OnePlus 10

There are countless things that you can implement over your handset. You can enter into the deepest section of the internal settings and even get rid of useless bloatware.

You can further remake the interface core layout with advanced-level custom ROMs, and there are different software that will boost the performance and camera quality.

Disadvantages of Rooting OnePlus 10

The system settings will be weak in front of the ransomware, malware, spyware, and viruses because they can adversely impact the newly gained smooth software experience.

Furthermore, if something went wrong from that stage, the device might get stuck in the bootloop or even brick the device, while commonly, you will lose warranty features.

Here are some points to remember while Rooting

  • Ensure your smartphone bootloader has unlocked. You can also follow our guide to unlocking the bootloader on any OnePlus phone.
  • You can not do anything about the data stored inside the internal storage once the rooting process starts. So, please take backup data before.

How to Root OnePlus 10 Using Magisk

Disclaimer: Magisk Uptade is not accountable for any harm to the users’ devices. Further, there’s a risk of bootloop or brick, and if you are aware of that, move forward. If you want to perform the method thoroughly, ensure you follow and fulfill the requirements.

1. Download required files

  • Download the latest TWRP custom recovery according to your model name.
  • After downloading the TWRP to your device, put the device is in fastboot mode.
  • Check out the device fastboot pattern. Usually, it is achieved by pressing the Volume Up + Power key at once.
  • Afterwards, you have to download the Bugjaeger app on the secondary phone and connect both devices with an OTG cable to flash the TWRP file quickly.

Note: Confirm that you have to transfer the TWRP files on the secondary smartphone!

2. Install TWRP without pc

  • Enter in Bugjaeger Mobile ADB application and head towards the flash section.
  • Now, tap on the flash section and enter the command “fastboot devices” first.
Magisk Update
  • This command will show that your device is connected to the secondary phone.
  • You have to enter the command as shown in below screenshot to flash TWRP.
Magisk Update
  • After typing this, go to “Add file option” and navigate the TWRP file location. Select the flashable zip to continue the process further in a simple manner.
  • Tap on Play button to install custom recovery. Wait for the completion process.

3. Finally, root your phone

  • Download the Magisk zip file to get started to unleash those exciting features.
  • You have to press volume down and power button at the same time to boot into recovery mode.
magisk update
  • Tap on the Install option and go to the magisk location in the internal storage.
  • Click on that zip file and “swipe to confirm flash” to start the flashing process.
magisk update
  • Afterwards, download the latest Magisk app to review whether those privileges are unlocked to you. If not, attempt to reflash the zip file to get better results.


At last, you have unlocked those fascinating privileges with how to root OnePlus 10 guide. You can take things one step further by adding more features to the interface.

Furthermore, you can also transform the overall appearance of the software layering. But, if you face any hassle flashing files or regarding this post, see the telegram group.

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