How to Root Samsung Galaxy A53 Using Magisk

Are you looking for a method that unveils the system settings power? Yes, you can root Samsung Galaxy A53 with our step-by-step guide to unlock those exciting traits.

Now that you have come across here, you will not only get information about you can root your phone, but we have also covered info regarding what toolkit you will need.

Alongside this, we have listed down some of the essential standalone software and apps that will eventually help you in rooting, so make sure to read this post till the end.

Rooting your phone can be intriguing since those fascinating privileges bring amazing things that you might never receive from the regular system settings and functions.

But, once you have unlocked the pathway to the rooting, you can cross those boring limits can create something unique on your own with add-on features and ROMs aid.

However, rooting can also prove harmful for the phone, so it’s necessary to learn the all-around elements of rooting, what it is, and its underlying pros and cons aspect.

What is Root?

The root is the primary program in the computer language that holds everything from user data to internal system settings data. Without this, accessing files will be tough.

Because the rooting directory stores data and gives administrative level access that helps the computer or mobile phone run the system kernel file without any problem.

However, you will require access to those files to uncover the rooting privileges and reach superuser features. But, first, let’s understand what loss and gain of rooting are!

Advantages of Root Samsung Galaxy A53

There are endless things you can try out with rooted devices. For starters, it provides a developer-friendly ecosystem in which the users can create unique mods applications.

You can also use custom ROM to design a personalized interface and transform every setting to control the system files to get OTA updates faster and many more things.

Disadvantages of Root Samsung Galaxy A53

You can’t rely on the system’s security attributes since the security barriers have been lifted after rooting the device, making your phone furthermore vulnerable to malware.

The overheating problem may happen if you flash incompatible ROM in the interface, but things can be even worst, such as the bootloop, and the brick issue might appear.

Before You Start

  • The first step that you need to unleash the true power of the phone is to unlock bootloader on Samsung phones to follow up the upcoming steps conveniently.
  • Moreover, make sure that your smartphone is charged more than 60% or above.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A53 Using Magisk

Disclaimer: You need to be aware that this patching method is tricky and risky. Magiskupdate is not responsible for any damage to the reader device. So do it everything carefully. Download and install the Samsung USB driver to your PC.

1. Preparing boot image

  • Firstly, Download the latest Stock Firmware according to your country region.
  • Extract the recently downloaded firmware using 7zip then you’ll get four files.
  • Select and Unzip “AP” file. You’ll get some data but only you need the boot file.
Magisk Update
  • Right-click boot file, then go to “Add to archive” to change the archive format.
  • You must convert the .lz4 file format to .tar and click “OK” to continue forward.
  • Transfer the newly extracted boot.img.tar to your phone through a USB cable.

2. Patching boot image

  • Download and install the latest Magisk App into your smartphone accurately.
  • To patch the boot file, tap on the install section and navigate boot.img.tar file.
Magisk Update
  • Reach out to the location and press the boot file to start the patching process.
  • From this, you will get a magisk_patched.tar in the Storage/Download section.
Magisk Update
  • Transfer the patched file to your PC then put your phone in download mode.
  • Turn off the phone, and press both volume keys while connecting to the PC.

Note: Every Samsung device arrives with a distinctive fastboot combination, so make sure to check your phone’s download mode pattern to utilize the upcoming phases.

3. Flash patched boot file

  • Enter in the Odin Flash Tool, and there, check whether the phone is connected or not! If you face any issues, reconnect the device after entering the fastboot.
magisk update
  • Tap on the “AP” section, and paste the magisk_patched.tar location in the box.
  • You have to untick the “Auto-Reboot” from the left corner to do it subsequently.
magisk update
  • Afterward, tap on the “Start” button to initialize the flashing process of the file.

4. Re-installing Magisk App

  • Remove the data cable once the flashing process ends and enter into fastboot mode by pressing the Volume Down and Power button to join the boot section.
  • Wait till the Samsung logo doesn’t appear and navigate through Volume keys.
  • Select the factory reset option and wipe out all the data for smooth usage later.
  • Download the latest version of magisk App to appreciate those root privileges.

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Finally, you have unlocked the rooting privileges on Samsung Galaxy A53, and now, enjoy those immersive features and function over your phone without any hassle.

However, if you face an issue flashing any file, some standalone apps are not working in your case, do let us know in our telegram group. You can also share your thoughts.

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