How to Root Realme GT Without PC [Working]

Are you looking for a method that will root Realme GT? If Yes, you have come across the right place to get a reliable guide that grants immersive rooting features to you.

In this post, we have covered everything you will need, all the essential things in the upcoming process, so make sure to read it till the end to unlock those fascinating stuff.

Rooting any android device will give you an edge compared to other android devices since you will obtain exceptional custom ROMs, system updates, and special software.

All of that is possible because you have the superuser powers that authorize you to control the entire ecosystem and easily modify the internal settings into multiple folds.

Now that you have made your mind to unlock those immersive settings, there’s no stopping. Go forth and unleash the device’s proper power without any hassle at all.

However, there are a few downsides of rooting the device, so you need to understand the whole circle, and to start, you have to grasp what root is and its essential features.

What is Root?

The root is the primary and one of the virtual directories in the system settings that also can store the system and users’ data accurately without interfering with others

Alongside, the root directory equips the administer level privilege, and these privileges are necessary to unlock the superuser features since it requires to control the system.

But, there are few risks involved in the rooting process, and incomplete knowledge is far worse than not having any information, so let’s head toward the pros and cons.

Pros of Root Realme GT

Most people root their phones only to throw away that useless bloatware from the interface system. Besides, you have options to flash a diverse range of custom ROMs.

On top of that, you will also get a chance to overclock the system setting, and it will further help improve the overall gameplay experience over the phone simplistically.

Cons of Root Realme GT

If you aimlessly delete some of the system files, there’s a high chance that the phone will get stuck in the bootloop, and in the worst case, a brick problem can also emerge.

On the other hand, the over usage of the overclocking software can melt down the internal part, and since the security barriers are no more, malware threat increases.

Before You Start

  • Firstly, you are required to save your old data and backup it in a secure place.
  • The next thing you require to do is unlock bootloader on any realme phone.
  • Ensure that the phone is fueled correctly. More than 60% battery life is needed.
  • If you are rooting a handset without a computer, you will require a secondary smartphone to aid access the ADB and fastboot command in the latter parts.

How to Root Realme GT Using Magisk

Disclaimer: Magisk Uptade is not accountable for any harm to the user’s device. Moreover, there’s a risk of bootloop or brick, and if you are aware of that, move forward. If you want to perform the method thoroughly, fill in the requirements.

1. Download required files

  • Download the latest TWRP custom recovery according to your model name.
  • After downloading the TWRP to your device, put the device is in fastboot mode.
  • Check out the device fastboot pattern. Usually, it’s the Volume Up + Power key.
  • Afterward, you have to download the Bugjaeger app on the secondary phone and connect both devices with an OTG cable to flash the TWRP file quickly.

Note: Confirm that you have to transfer the TWRP files on the secondary smartphone!

2. Install TWRP without pc

  • Enter in Bugjaeger Mobile ADB application and head toward the flash section.
  • Now, tap on the flash section and enter the command “fastboot devices” first.
Magisk Update
  • This command will show that your device is connected to the secondary phone.
  • Next, you have to enter the command shown below screenshot to flash TWRP.
Magisk Update
  • After writing this, go to “Add file option” and navigate the TWRP file location. Select the flashable zip to continue the process further in a simple manner.
  • Tap on Play button to install custom recovery. Wait for the completion process.

3. Finally, root your phone

  • Download the Magisk zip file to get started to unleash those exciting features.
  • You have to press volume down and power button to boot into recovery mode.
magisk update
  • Tap on the Install option and go to the magisk location in the internal storage.
  • Click on that zip file and “swipe to confirm flash” to start the flashing process.
magisk update
  • Afterward, download the latest Magisk app to review whether those privileges are unlocked to you. If not, attempt to reflash the zip file to get better results.

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Finally, you have root Realme GT with this step guide. Now, enjoy those fascinating features and enter into the deepest section of the system partition without hassle.

But on the other hand, if you face any problem, visit our telegram group to solve the issue. Besides, you can share your rooting story in the following comment section.

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