How to Root Samsung Galaxy A02 Using Magisk

Are you looking for a method to improvise the overall customization of the UI traits? If Yes, then you need to understand the root Samsung Galaxy A02 guide accurately.

In this post, you can grab the easiest way from which implementing those impressive features becomes relatively easy. Besides, the process didn’t interfere with the system.

To change the system settings, the first step you need to take would be that you grasp a bit of knowledge of the primary specs, which will let you select tools for the latter.

This smartphone launched in the Indian market on 27th January 2021. Talking about camera sensor 13MP + 2MP dual primary camera setup. MediaTek MT6739 processor power Samsung Galaxy A02 with 2GB Ram and 16GB storage. The smartphone was coming— with 6.5 inches (16.51 cm) 270 PPI, PLS TFT LCD. We are moving to battery performance is 4500 mAh before starting the guide. Let’s understand what root is!

What is Root?

In simple terminology, the root is a data directory combines all the factor necessary to the administer settings works properly, alongside a massive chunk of users app data.

On the same note, root access means that you have the key to unlock the admin-level privileges anytime you want; usually, it is attained through the Super user’s features.

After awaking impressive customization settings and exciting features, there’s always a constant fear of risk factors. To avoid them, let’s understand the pros and cons part.

Here are some Points to Remember while Rooting

  • Ensure your smartphone bootloader has unlocked. You can also follow our guide to unlocking the bootloader on any samsung phone.
  • We recommend that your smartphone battery has been charged more than 40% because a lot of time required for the rooting procedure.

Advantage of Root Samsung Galaxy A02

There are numerous custom ROMs feasible online, and you can also utilize the inbuilt modules directory of magisk to envelope a personalized android ecosystem for you.

If your smartphone battery burns out faster and you are looking for a subtle solution. You will find software in the rooting community that helps to enhance screen time.

Disadvantage of Root Samsung Galaxy A02

There’s always a slim chance that your device won’t overcome the bottleneck due to hardware limitations, and installing incompatible software will cause more trouble.

It’s a basic fact that when you try to install custom features into the OEM, this is most likely considered a warranty violation since changing internal setting effect makers.

Disclaimer: You need to be aware that this patching method is tricky and risky. Magiskupdate is not responsible for any damage to the reader device. So do it everything carefully. Download and install the Samsung USB driver to your PC.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A02 Using Magisk

Preparing the boot image file

  • Ensure that you have put the magisk app, Odin tool, and Stock Firmware file in the same folder since you will need them frequently during the procedure.
  • Enter into stock firmware folder and extract the “AP” file through the unzipper.
Magisk Update
  • Now tap on a newly extracted folder. There, you have to right-click the boot file.
  • Choice 7-zip then select the “Add to archive” option to change archive format.
  • Select and change the archive format from .lz4 to .tar, then hit the OK button.
  • Copy the boot.img.tar file in your Android smartphone for the patching process.

Patching the boot image file

  • Download and install Magisk App and tap on the install option inside the app.
Magisk Update
  • Navigate to the storage unit part where you have saved in device boot .tar file.
  • Once you tap on that file, the patching process will automatically be initialized.
Magisk Update
  • From this, you will obtain the magisk_patched.tar file at the exact location.
Magisk Update
  • Deliver that .tar file to the PC, and connect your phone into download mode.
  • Turn off the phone, and press both volume keys while connecting to the PC.

Flash the patched boot image file

  • Open the Odin Flash Tool, there, you will notice that the device is connected, but if that’s not showing in your case, perform the last two steps once again.
  • Head toward the “AP” section, then drag and drop the magisk patched .tar file.
Magisk Update
  • In the left corner, you have to untick the “Auto-reboot” option to boot manually.
Magisk Update
  • Now, simply tap on the start button to initialize the final patching procedure.

Re-installing the Magisk App

  • Remove the data cable once the flashing process ends, then press and hold the Volume down + Power Button until the Samsung logo with alert appears.
  • Release both buttons and long-press Volume Up key to enter in the recovery.
  • Apply the factory reset setting and safely reboot your phone in the usual way.
  • Download the Magisk App from this article and install it properly, so it works.

Once the reboot process end, the magisk will fully install with your phone, now enjoy!

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Now that you get the taste of the rooting process, why don’t you give it a try to build your custom interface without worrying about annoying and useless bloatware set?

Aside from this, if you have been stuck at some random step in this guide, do let us know about it to help you in the best possible way-meanwhile enjoying root features!

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